Thursday, 19 April 2012

rimmel summer fever

This has been my go-to blush for a few months now, not because it's incredibly amazing but just because I want to use it up, and so far I've not even dented it.
The case is practical as it is see-through, so you know which colour you're grabbing. In the little space below the actual product there used to be a blush, but I threw it away as it wasn't very good quality, but it's a nice touch if you're starting out in makeup and brushes aren't at the top of your "to buy" list. Rimmel say that you can use the blush a a highlighter, but unless you have extremely dark skin, and only use the lightest pink, I can't see the highlighting aspect working for anyone. Maybe in a different shade?
As you can see, three colours make up the blush. One is a medium pink, the middle is a dark, brownish colour, and the the last shade is a crimson. Each colour is too small to be used separately  but could potentially be eyeshadows. In fact, a while back I was really into pink eyeshadows, and I couldn't find any, so I realised I could use my blushes, and it was this one I turned to. The middle shade looks lovely in the crease.
Top - Each colour swatched separately. Bottom - Colours swirled together.

I will be sad when I use this blush up, as it does it's job and does it well.
Pigmentation - 7/10
Overall - 8/10

Buy: Rimmel Lasting Finish Powder Blush & Highlighter in Summer Fever 021, £1.97

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  1. I love Rimmel products! Is this still out in the market? Thanks babe! :)