Tuesday 10 April 2012

barry m dazzle dust in 71

Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with loose pigments? On the one hand they're so so so pretty, incredibly versatile (can be used wet, dry, as blushes, eyeshadows etc depending on the colour), and you get a lot more product that you would a pressed eyeshadow but on the other hand I'm scared to breathe near them in case I blow it everywhere. Seriously, I once sneezed while using one of these. Bad, bad time.

Housed in a little glass jar, it would not be a good idea taking this on holiday - imagine if it spilled!? Shock horreur. To be honest, I would've preferred one of those sifter thingys on it - there'd be a bit less hassle and better safe than sorry.

So since I rambled on and on about how much I hate loose pigments, you're probably wondering why I bought it in the first place. Well, to answer that question, I want you to look at the pictures below. LOOK AT THEM! Isn't that the prettiest colour you've ever seen? I would describe it as a burnt orangy, coppery, goldy, sparkly colour of goodness. Barry M, feel free to make me your official colour describer. What do you think the M in Barry M stands for? I think it stands for Mongoose. Sorry, I've got that meerkat that sells you car insurance advert in my head. (Spellchecker doesn't recognise meerkat as a word? What?)
OooOOoooh macro. Fancy fancy.
Mmmmm.....pretty. Can't really give this a rating as I am biased against loose pigments, if you haven't already noticed. So make your own judgements :)
Buy: Barry M Dazzle Dust 71, £4.50


  1. i love love love pigments and dying to try Barry M but there not available here in the UAE :(( great post :)

  2. The look so pretty on, but I absolutely hate the way they go everywhere.
    I managed to let one loose in a hotel room and I was like "oh ma gawd, someone get me a wet cloth!"