Friday 13 April 2012

miners cosmetics lip & cheek colour in peach

 You've probably already seen this in my recent haul, and I was so impressed with it that I thought I'd do a review!

For a product that's so inexpensive (99p on sale), you wouldn't expect much at all. The packaging is simplistic, with the Miners Cosmetics logo and a flower pattern on the lid. Not the prettiest packaging in the world, but for the price it could be a lot worse, and at least it doesn't offend your eyes. 

What really impressed me with this product is the pigmentation. All I had to do was swirl my finger lightly around the pan, and even when I swatched it on the back of my hand I had a lot of product left on my finger.
This will last me a long, long time. "Lip & Cheek Colour" is basically a fancy name for a cream blush that can be used on your lips.
On the lips it looks quite matte, but doesn't feel drying at all, lasts a long time, partly because it leaves a stain when it wears off. You have to be so careful when applying this on the cheeks, as one or two light taps on your cheek will give you the right amount, otherwise....well let's just say you'll have more than a "flushed" look. 

The Lip & Cheek Colour is available in Pink, Peach and Mocha, and delivery is a very reasonable £1.99 - the website says they only deliver to the UK but if you email them, they will see if they can work something out for other countries. Unfortunately, this product is in the "Last Chance To Buy" section of the website, so I fear that it won't be too long until it's discontinued.

Buy: Miners Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Colour in Peach, 99p


  1. This looks lovely on the lips. What a bargain! I think one of the chemists in town stocks Miners, I'll have to have a look next time I'm in.

  2. Hey, I awarded you the 'Blogger appreciation award' on my blog.
    Just letting you know xx

  3. That's really pretty, I haven't tried anything from Miners before. So cheap, can't go wrong at that price!
    Mel x