Friday 6 April 2012

nail polish tag!

Saw this on MakeupSavvy and thought it'd be fun to do! I'm not a believer in only doing tags if you get "tagged" as that excludes people and that would be mean :(. So if you do this tag leave me a link in the comments and I'll definitely read it, I'd love to see your answers!

1. What's your favourite nail polish company?
Now this is tricky and I'm only on the first question! Revlon do great nail polishes, and so do China Glaze, but since China Glaze is in a different question I'll miss it out. I really want to try Zoya, I've seen swatches of some of their sheer polishes layered over others, and it looks simply beautiful! I also haven't tried Model's Own, Stargazer or Illamasqua although I want too - mental note! Miss Sporty and Barry M are good for the price. Ahhh I don't know! Just gonna say Revlon because I could list good nail polish brands all day hehe!

2. Glitter or no glitter?
I like glitter that isn't too big - massive hexagonal chunks simply don't cut it for me. I can't wear glitter too often though, as I end up staring at my nails for ages, thinking "OooOOooOOoo sparkly". All my glitter polishes -
L-R Miss Sporty Transformers Sparkle Touch, Revlon Galaxy, OPI Silver Shatter, Max Factor Angel, Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle, Milani Cyberspace

3. OPI, China Glaze or Essie?
While writing this question I realised I don't own any Essie so, to rectify this, I purchased a mini Essie Smooth Sailing on eBay - swatches when it arrives! I own the most OPI - I have around 16 minis from a Pirates of the Caribbean and a Best of the Best collection, and two full sizes but I prefer China Glaze - I love their Hunger Games collection (nowhere near as much as I love the books, though :P) and I get more excited about their collections. The only OPI collection I got excited about was the Pirates of the Caribbean one. So China Glaze wins this one!

4. When do you change your nail polish?
Whenever it chips! Normally around the three or four day mark, but if I decide I hate my nails, probably about two hours!

5. What's your favourite colour on your nails?
You're making me choose one colour? Not happening! I do find myself buying blues the most though. My favourite nail polishes -
L-R Miss Sporty 328, Barry M Navy, NYX Lapis, E.L.F Mint Cream, Claire's No Name, OPI Steady As She Rose

6. Darks or brights?
Brights in spring/summer, darks in autumn/winter.

7. What are you wearing on your nails right this moment?
Same as my recent NOTD.

8. Matte nails in or out?
On some looks it can look fabulous, but on others it ruins it. I don't like buying nail polishes specifically if they're matte, just investing in a matte top coat seems like a better option. Here's the one I use -

E.L.F Matte Finisher Nail Polish

9. French manicure?
I like modern twists to the look, but I get bored of a classic frenchie veeeeery quickly. They also look like fake nails, even if they aren't.

10. Favourite summer colours?
Really bright colours and pastels are the way forward!
L-R L'Oréal 455, OPI Cajun Shrimp, China Glaze Papaya Punch, Barry M Peach Melba, Miss Sporty 330, China Glaze Cha Cha Cha, Barry M Blueberry, OPI Planks A Lot

What's your favourite nail polish?


  1. Ooh I really want to try the shatter nail polish! Also I love the look of blue nails too!

  2. I am going to do this tag! I love nail polish and you have some really nice colours! xxx