Friday 13 April 2012

rimmel colour mousse in galaxy

I don't really know how to describe this...thing...ummm...I guess it's an eyeshadow? Well, it is now. This has to be one of the strangest products I've ever tried - I don't even particularly know how to use it! I found the mousse works best as an eyeshadow base, as it creases on it's own, but it intensifies whatever colour you slap on top of it.
The jar is very deceiving, there's about half a centimetre of pure glass at the bottom, which of course makes it quite heavy. But to be fair, the Colour Mousse is very pigmented, so you won't exactly need a lot. I just don't see why Rimmel couldn't just chop the bottom bit off, and save weight, because if they're trying to make it feel expensive, the dated design on the label detracts from any attempt at looking high-end, and the weight feels unnecessary.
Rimmel have got the name right, if I were to use one word to describe the texture of it, that word would be mousse. I cannot comment on the fact they say it lasts eight hours, as I haven't tested the product for that long.

If you're looking for a product of this nature, or fall in love with one of the colours that are on offer, you won't be let down.
Pigmentation - 8/10
Overall - 7/10

Buy: Rimmel Colour Mousse in Galaxy 013, £4.99


  1. The texture looks so weird. lol Havent tried this yet but the pigmentation looks brilliant.

    1. the pigmentation makes it all worth it! you barely need to touch it to get all the product you need.

  2. Love that colour:), and the blog is nice too:))

    -a blogger from finland:)

  3. Such a pretty colour, might be nice as eyeliner :-)