Tuesday 24 April 2012

bm beauty loose eyeshadows

I came about owning these loose pigments when Glossybox was putting them in a beauty box, and mine had the shade Noir in it - I was gutted because I saw the other colours, and to be honest I would've preferred any of the other options to the black I received, although I really wanted the rose gold colour.
So I turned to eBay, and snagged Her Majesty for a few quid. I was a happy chappy. 
I've nothing to say about the packaging because these are sample sizes, they contain 1g, the full size has 2g. 1g is quite a lot in terms of loose pigments, a little goes a long way but since they are loose there will be a lot of fallout which is both annoying and wasteful. Like most eyeshadows, these crease without a primer.
Her Majesty, like I already mentioned, is a rose gold that leans more pink than gold with a lot of gold shimmer. The colour payoff is standard for a loose pigment.

Noir is of course a black, and I was slightly disappointed with the pigmentation of this. I expected it to be blacker than black but maybe because it's matte it thins out and takes on the appearance of a charcoal colour, I had to build up the eyeshadow for the swatch below.
It's still usable and maybe if you aren't going for an intense look this would be for you, but the combination of this not being pressed and not having intense colour makes me wonder if I'll ever use this and if I want a black I'll turn to the one in my Sleek palette.
Buy: BM Beauty Loose Eyeshadows, £7 each


  1. Ooh 'Her Majesty' is a really gorgeous colour. 'Noir' does look very disappointing. I got 'dusty road' I think it's called, the gold one anyway and the purple one. Haven't used them to be honest becauseim messy at the best of times so pigments are not my friend!

    1. oooh the gold one's pretty, and i dont get on with loose pigments either! x

  2. "Her Majesty" looks so lovely! Very pretty for an everyday color!