Friday 27 April 2012

a little box on my doorstep

I love my discount beauty websites, I really do. Recently I placed an order at Direct Cosmetics, and seeing as the whole order came to about £8, including £2 postage, I thought I should share the joy of unboxing things.

The products came encased in lots and lots of bubble wrap and those green bits of foam in the first picture, so you can be completely sure that anything fragile, like perfume bottles, won't get smashed.
This is the Mary-Kate and Ashley Coast To Coast perfume in Malibu Style, and for around two pounds for 30ml (unboxed), I thought "Why not?". Well, even for the cheap as chips price tag, it's not worth it. For the first ten minutes or so after applying, I couldn't even put my nose near my wrist, as the smell of alcohol was so strong. After the alcohol had evaporated away, it was near impossible to smell anything. Very faint and wears off almost immediately, I do not recommend this at all.
Onto an overall better purchase, this is a product that on the website says that it originally was a gift with purchase, but is being sold at around two quid as well. This is an Alexander McQueen "Book Of Magical Formulas", which contains a 10ml body lotion, 10ml shower gel, and a 5ml rollerball of the MyQueen fragrance, which smells amazing. It's not the sort of scent that I usually go for, I typically like Britney Spears-type scents, however this is really spicy, but still feminine - on the card it's described as floral oriental if you want to be fancy.
Last two, and they're both Wet 'n' Wild. The eyeshadow trio was the reason of the order, I've been on the lookout for a cheapish mint green eyeshadow, and this fit the bill, being only a pound. Also a pound was the blue liquid eyeliner, and reviews of both will be up very soon.

I seem to be hauling every single thing I buy, I need to stop that. Or I could just not buy anything...


  1. haha I love receiving packaging at my door :)
    nice purchase.