Thursday, 31 May 2012

she said beauty box - july

I've been anticipating this month's box for about a week now, with all the posts on Glossybox's birthday box that I thought weren't that special, I was intrigued to see what She Said Beauty could pull out of the hat.
Same packaging as ever, but the straw has started to get on my nerves - it goes everywhere! There are three cards inside, the one with all the information on it, also there's a St Tropez and a Ginvera one.
Again, there's six products with one being a bonus item. I was surprised to find that the bonus item wasn't the perfume sample, but the BB cream sachet. I know that tiny perfume samples cause a bit of controversy in beauty boxes but since there are three full size products in the box, I find it hard to complain. I'm slightly off-put by the sight of yet another pair of false lashes, in three of the four She Said Beauty Boxes I've received false eyelashes have been included. Ah well.
Elemis Tranquil Touch Indulgent Bath Elixir - I don't take baths, and this almost makes me wish I do. It smells rather wintery, like mulled wine, quite spicy. Elemis is such an expensive brand that I was pleasantly surprised to see this in the box, and a good sized sample at 50ml, which makes it worth approx £3.17.

St. Tropez Self Tan Perfect Legs - I squealed when I saw this, I've always wanted to try St. Tropez but it's so expensive! This is a full size, and retails for £10 which pretty much pays for the box itself. It couldn't have come at a better time with summer just around the corner, and even though it's not the famed mousse from the brand, I find sprays less messy anyway.

Mischa Barton Whipped Shea Body Butter: Lemon Zest - I was rather underwhelmed by this. Not because it's not moisturising, in fact it's the richest body butter I've ever felt, but when you advertise your product as "Lemon Zest" you think the smell is going to be amazing. It's not, it's quite faint and reminds me of one of the less nice soaps from Lush. Also, this tiny pot is full size! It retails for £10, but to be honest I think that Mischa Barton is overpriced judging from this and the lip balm from last month's box.
Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream - I got exactly the same sample of this in a Latest in Beauty Little Beauty Box, and I haven't tried it yet so I can't comment. The sample is 3ml and is worth £2.40.

Yardley London Royal Diamod Eau de Toilette - I'm going to breeze past the bit where I rant about tiny perfume samples on account of the fact that you've probably heard it a million times before. Whenever I think of Yardley it reminds me of floral, grannyish scents and when I saw this sample I made up my mind I wouldn't like it. However, it's actually alright, and since 50ml only costs £9.99 I'm contemplating getting the full size. The perfume was created for the Queen's Jubilee (which gets me two days off school woooo! The Jubilee. Not the perfume.) and the sample is 1ml. I'm not going to find out how much it's worth because it's going to be 20p or something insignificant.

Let's Go Lashes in Temptress 4 - I heard somewhere that Let's Go is the new name for Blink 'n' Go, which I have an eyeshadow palette from that came in the Christmas Glossybox. I really don't wear false eyelashes often at all, I haven't worn the ones that came in other month's beauty boxes yet, but since I'm such a falsies noob it's nice that these came with glue. Full sized and retail for £8.95.

So all in all, I thought this month's box was pretty good, and much better than Glossybox's "special" birthday box. The value of the box came to round about £34.50, and it cost twelve quid. I'll also use everything except the Bath Elixir, so if that's not good value for money I don't know what is.

Here's the link if you want to subscribe to She Said Beauty -
And here it is again, but without my referral attached -

Do you want to see what I got in this week's Graze box? Do ya? Do ya? Do ya? Course you do, who doesn't like looking at yummy yummy food?
I liked everything except the Pina Colada, who knew dried coconut was icky?

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

five beauty truths

The gorgeous Mel from Wall of Mirrors has posted a tag called five beauty truths, where you tell the world five beauty-related things that people wouldn't know and expose them - because we all have flaws. I'm not one to miss out on all the fun, so let's get started!

1. Although I do my fingernails really often, I only give myself a pedicure about once every three or four months - apart from in the summer when my feet are on show.

2. I wash all my makeup brushes after every few uses apart from my powder brush, which only gets a bath every two weeks to a month, it just takes forever to dry. And I'm lazy.

3. I don't throw out makeup after it's expiry date, especially mascaras, sometimes I have so many on the go that if I obeyed the "three month rule" that would mean chucking out a mascara that I've only used a few times and I don't like wasting things!

4. I never really bother with eyeshadow on a day-to-day basis. If I'm going out and have ages to get ready I'll put some on, but when I normally have to go to school and have 5-10 minutes to do my makeup (depending on how comfy my bed is that day) I can't be bothered with primer and eyeshadow brushes and things like that.

5. Beauty gurus on YouTube really annoy me. There's a select few that I enjoy, but for the most part they seem shallow and turn the slightest thing into a whole topic. I remember someone saying that they're talking about an embarrassing topic...and then went on to talk about deodorant. Everyone sweats, girl. Get over it.
And someone else was like "I'm hardly wearing any makeup today, I've only got on foundation, concealer, powder, primer, blush, bronzer, eyebrow powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip liner, lipstick, lipgloss....You see I'm being really natural today!"
Also when they give out advice and then don't follow it.
On the whole, I prefer reading a blog to watching a beauty video, because when you type you think about every word you say, so you don't go off on pointless tangents and you just get the essential information in, and personally I prefer reading a blog post for two minutes then watching a ten minute long review of something. Not to mention that in blog posts you get really good photos.
Even about personal life, I like blogs better, I dunno, maybe I just like reading. Sorry, I needed to rant a little bit there.

So now that that's done, I've decided not to tag anyone specifically so if you want to do the tag, go ahead! Just be sure to leave a link to your post in the comments, mmmmkay?

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

my nail polish collection - purples

I've always preferred purple to pink, and that translates onto my nails too. Apparently it's a colour that used to be associated with royalty and aristocrats, maybe that's why I like it so much!
2True Shade 11, Claire's No Name, Miss Sporty 344, OPI Planks A Lot

2True Shade 11 - This is a super sheer metallic light lilac, I never really wear it because it's so sheer and on the nails it doesn't show up all that well. It's only a few pounds though, I'm rather impressed with the whole 2True nail polish line.

Claire's No Name - Again, I never wear this as the Miss Sporty polish next to it is very similar, but the colour applies very smoothly and is a lovely pinkish purple.

Miss Sporty 344 - A light purple, I reach for this whenever I have anything like this colour in mind. It applies well, and Miss Sporty brushes are short and fat, they fit the width of my nail really well. NOTD here.

OPI Planks A Lot - I love this so much! I actually have to stop myself wearing it because it's a mini bottle and has almost run out, I'm waiting to use up another nail polish before I can allow myself to buy the full size. The shade is much nicer than it looks in the photos, it's more of a greyish lilac, and looks wonderful whatever shade my skin is, whether I'm tanned or ghost white.
L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun, Bourjois No Name, Barry M Bright Purple, No7 Vivid Violet

L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun - This is a bog standard medium purple, there's not much to say about this. The brush is tiny and went gloopy rather quickly, but that's easily fixed with nail polish thinner. Here's a NOTD.

Bourjois No Name - Another tiny bottle with a tiny brush, I'm pretty sure that the name was on the outer plastic, but that's long gone now. It's quite sheer, but the sparkly glitter makes up for it!

Barry M Bright Purple - I'm wearing it on my nails here with a coat of Max Factor Fantasy Fire on top, and it's a creamy red-toned purple that's opaque in two coats and has an altogether perfect formula. It's a shame that I prefer blue-toned purples because I cannot fault this at all.

No7 Vivid Violet - This is in the same NOTD as the Barry M Bright Purple, and is a medium purple that has a duochrome in it not unlike Fantasy Fire. With a No7 £5 voucher, this polish adds up to two or three pounds, and is well worth it. I wouldn't buy it at full price though.
L-R Miss Sporty 328, 17 Magnetized Lilac , Body Collection No Name, OPI Russian Navy

Miss Sporty 328 - I love this. I was looking for an indigo colour that's not too blue for ages, and was considering buying Essie's Sexy Divide for aroung ten quid when I saw this in Superdrug for £2, and it's beautiful. Consider my boat floated.

17 Magnetized Lilac - Again, I bought this in favour of an expensive nail polish, namely the Nails Inc ones. The first time I tried this it didn't work at all, so I cast it aside for a few months until I tried it again, and it worked. The effect is actually alright, I'm not too keen on the colour though.

Body Collection No Name - In my eyes, this is pretty similar to the 17 Magnetized Lilac, apart of course from it being magnetic. It's like a pie without the crust, the good bit's gone.

OPI Russian Navy - I didn't realise this was a blue, it looks so purple in the bottle. Nevertheless, I'll wear this come winter.
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark - Sorry that the photos make it look almost black, in reality it's a really really dark purple. I've never worn this but since it's such a raved about colour online I'll give it a go once the autumn and winter roll around.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire - I can't resist adding this over every purple just to see what it'll look like, here's one coat over various shades and here it is over a light purple. It's very sheer and is rather streaky over lighter shades, none the less it is absolutely stunning.

Do you like purple nail polish?

Sunday, 27 May 2012

notd | raspberry festival

I've been wearing my nails with just clear nail polish on them for a few days, but having natural nails for me is the same as wearing nail polish - I get bored of them very easily!
China Glaze Raspberry Festival is a juicy, raspberry red with blue glitter. It's quite opaque, I applied two coats but you could get away with one. I feel like this colour is perfect for summer but could translate well into a festive red for the winter. Love this colour!
L-R Trind Nail Repair, China Glaze Raspberry Festival, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

I know, I've finally let go of my beloved OPI Nail Envy, I found this was half used, I think it was in a beauty box, and with a few drops of nail polish thinner it was fine!

Do you like the photos outside?

Saturday, 26 May 2012

50 followers giveaway! ***closed***

First, I just want to say a ma-hoo-sive thank you! I've only been blogging for about two months now, and I can't believe the support I've gotten, so thanks to anyone that comments, follows or just visits my blog, I appreciate every single one of you.
Now, let's get on to the giveaway, I know it's not much, but I'm saving a bigger prize for later on (100 followers, hint hint).
This is international, and is open for two weeks, so it'll finish on the 9th of May, at midday (12.00pm) GMT.
You must be publicly following me on Google Friends Connect, so that your picture appears on the right hand side of the page, if you aren't there click "next" just below it. Sorry Bloglovin peeps, but Bloglovin is very anonymous and there's no way to find out if you're actually following me.
Finally, leave one comment on this post with your email address and what kind of post you'd like to see me do that I haven't done already.

Aaaand the prizes:
Erno Laszlo The Hollywood Collection - I received a sample set like this in a She Said Beauty box, but I got another new, sealed one for you!

MUA Eyeshadow in Shade 24 - MUA eyeshadows are absolutely amazing quality, and since they're only available in the UK I though I'd give someone international the chance to try one, and the colour is intriguing, sort of a reddish purple taupe. I know that makes no sense, but it's a gorgeous colour none the less.

Stila Lip Glaze in Kitten - Stila Kitten is such an iconic shade, I picked this up as well as another shade for myself, and that applies smoothly and stays on forever, also it has a brush instead of a doe-foot applicator, so hopefully this'll appeal to a lot of people.

The winner will be selected by list randomiser. Thanks again, beautiful people!
Natasha xxx
EDIT: The winner is Melanie Jane!

Friday, 25 May 2012

graze box review

Ok, so this isn't strictly beauty related, but the concept behind this box is rather clever.
Graze is a website that, for £3.79 including delivery you get four little snacks sent to your door or straight to where you work however often or little you like.
I've been ordering on and off for about half a year now, just because I'm thinking that I could've bought a lipstick with that money, even though I get more satisfaction off the snacks because they really are so yummy.
This is the packaging as it comes in the post, the top right hand corner is where the address will be.
When you sign up for an account with Graze, they'll give you all the options of what could be in your box. You can rate the snacks so that Graze knows what you like and don't like. There's also an option to send soon, which puts the item in your next box.
Sorry for the windowsill in the corner, I thought it would be nice to take some photos in natural light today, seeing as I actually have some!
There's two different kinds of boxes, nibbleboxes and nutritionboxes. The nibbleboxes give you the most variety of food, whereas the nutritionbox offers three different nutrition plans.
They are the eatwellbox, which has a selection of healthy food, with the odd treat thrown in, the boostbox, which is the healthiest box, but also the strictest (no chocolate buttons for you!) and the lightbox, the box which has the lowest calorie nibbles.
I have the nibblebox, and this is what was in it, although it's all been gobbled up by now:
There's a little napkin underneath the food pots if you lift them out!
Graze also sends you a leaflet (below) with all the information about the food so you know exactly what you're eating. My contents were the bakewell tart, which had cherry sultanas, almonds and cranberries, hot cross yum, which consisted of orange sultanas, sponge pieces and cinnamon honey almonds, strawberry milkshake, that had dried strawberries and bananas, and white chocolate buttons. Finally, I got a chutney dip with curry bites, which was my favourite, I love the dips.
My box seemed to mostly have dried fruit, just so you know the website offers much more than that. I definitely recommend the dips, and if you like raisins be sure to get something-infused sultanas, I think I once had lime infused sultanas - amazing.
Unfortunately, Graze is only available in the UK because the food has to be delivered fresh, in fact it arrives the next day after it's been posted.
 I'm not affiliated with Graze at all, however I have a link (that all customers get) that gets your first box free! So if you live in the UK, go on and register, you can get some free food and then cancel straight after you've received it, there's no charge or anything.
If you click the link and register, I either get £1 off my next box, or I could donate it to the charity that Graze supports (school of farming in Uganda), which I will do.

Thursday, 24 May 2012


With all this lovely weather there haven't been very many clouds drifting past, but last night I saw a rather strange formation, reminiscent of an arrow, no?

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

11 questions tag!

I was tagged by Foxxy Beauty (check her blog out, it's awesome) to do this tag, thanks so much for tagging me!

Now the rules:
1. Each person must state 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus the 11 facts about you.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your blog.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs.
6. You legitimately have to tag.

So onto the 11 facts -
1. I'm 5ft 5in.
2. The first time I watched Titanic was a month ago - and yes, I cried.
3. I'm an only child.
4. Currently working my way through watching Lost - I'm at the start of series 4 right now.
5. One of my pet peeves is when people slurp soup.
6. I don't have a favourite colour, but I like mint green, lilac, silver and turquoise.
7. My nails feel horrible and dried out if I don't have any nail polish on even if I use hand cream, so I always have to at least have a clear nail polish on.
8. I hate it when people call me smart if I get a good mark in an exam, especially if I didn't revise for it!
9. I've never broke any bones - hope I haven't jinxed myself!
10. As soon as I get home and I know I'm not going out again that day, I change into sweatpants and take off my makeup.
11. It pisses me off when Americans call Brits "cute" or something along those lines, just because of stereotypes of drinking tea and such, and our accents!

Here are the questions the lovely Foxxy Beauty asked -
1. What is your favourite beauty blog to read?
I actually had to have a long hard look at all the beauty blogs I'm following, and I can't choose! I like blogs that I can relax with a mug of hot chocolate, basically what I look for in a magazine. ZoellaFlaws and All, Get Gawjus, Miss Lucy Loves, HelloOctoberMakeupAtoZ, Pearls and Poodles and Makeup Savvy are some of my favourites. Oops, have I listed too many there?

2. What is a beauty video that you would love to see done that hasn't been?
Well, since about every single kind of beauty video has been done, I can't really think of anything, so I'm just gonna say "Products I Don't Like" videos, as I find them the most helpful and not nearly enough people do them, they're really useful.

3. At home self tanner/spray tan/tanning bed?
I've never got a spray tan or been on a tanning bed, since I live in Scotland you aren't really expected to have a tan, and I don't feel like getting skin cancer from tanning beds! I'll say at home self tanner, because in the summer I use it if I remember.

4. Are any of you mommys like me? :)
Nope, sorry, I'm still a teenager!

5. Favourite recipe or thing to eat?
It changes all the time because I stuff myself with whatever I'm loving then I get sick of it and never eat it again. It used to be sushi, but right now I'm loving chicken salad sandwiches.

6. Favourite store to shop in?
If I had limitless money, I'd say Urban Outfitters and River Island, but since I'm not that wealthy, New Look and Asos (although that's not technically a shop because it's online) are great, even though I have a lot of clothes from Primark because you could either get one pair of shoes from New Look, or a whole outfit from Primark.

7. Heels or flats?
Flats. Comfiness rules. Plus, I'm pretty happy with my height, I don't want to get taller!

8. Holy Grail makeup item?
Haven't found one yet! But if I do, it'll be a concealer because even if I'm wearing minimal makeup, concealer will be in there.

9. Who is your idol?
Noel Fielding. He's just...different from any other celebrity (if you can call him that). And I like that.

10. Favourite TV show(s)?
I've already answered this in another tag, but the Mighty Boosh. All the way. If it were a movie, I would've said the first Austin Powers.

11. Lipbalm/lipstick/lipgloss?
Oh how I wish I could say lipstick. I wish I wish I wish. But I cannot stand dry lips, so lip balm it must be.

And my questions to you!
1. Favourite movie?
2. Hats or scarves?
3. What inspires you? (I'm looking for really deep answers here!)
4. Would you rather spend a lot of money on a designer handbag or a pair of shoes?
5. Do you play video games?
6. Favourite colour and animal?
7. What colour eyes do you have?
8. What's your star sign and do you believe horoscopes?
9. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live if you aren't allowed to say somewhere where you already live or have lived?
10. Do you play any musical instruments? If not, would you like to?
11. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

I tag:

Thanks again, Foxxy Beauty for tagging me, if you aren't tagged, don't worry and do it anyway, just be sure to leave a link to it in the comments below! I can't wait to see all your responses to the questions!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

e.l.f christmas makeup clutch palette

Yes, yes. It's as far away from Christmas as possible - or would that be the day after Christmas Day? Hmmm. But really, doesn't it look like e.l.f just took a load of makeuppy key words and shoved them into one name? I really don't know why Christmas is one of those words, though. It's still being sold on the website, maybe it was released at Christmas?
The packaging is pretty sleek, it's very compact and if you wanted to, you could just take this, a mascara and maybe a concealer if you're going away for a day or two. The top has the eyeshadows and a reasonable-sized mirror and the blushes and lip colours etc slides out of the side.
The whole palette consists of thirty two eyeshadows, six lip colours, two blushes, a bronzer, an eyebrow powder, an eyebrow cream, a face shimmer and three dual ended eyeshadow applicators, pretty good for £7.50, eh?
Below I haven't swatched all of the eyeshadows, but some of the interesting colours.

Most of the colours are either shimmery or frosty, maybe that's for the best as the very last colour on the last swatch above is a feeble attempt at a matte black.
In general I found the pigmentation not the best if I'm honest, a few shades are pretty good quality, but the majority ranges from average to bad. However, if you're just starting out in makeup and don't want to spend too much, this seems perfect as it gives you a wide colour range for less than a tenner.

I found the bronzer and blushes to be rather good, albeit a bit chalky. The bronzer is a bit orange for me, maybe someone with an olive skin tone would fair better. I suggest avoiding the face shimmer, it has the consistency of a cheap lipgloss and is too sticky for my liking.
Speaking of cheap lipglosses...Well I've always avoided lipglosses in pan form, they remind me of freebies I got with Barbie magazines as a child! The first four are basically clear, and the last two, which look oh so menacing in the palette look nice and natural on the lips, even though I doubt I'll ever wear them, since I have much better choices to hand.
I haven't tried the eyebrow cream and powder and I don't really want to even though the powder looks quite pigmented, if I were to use it, it'd be as an eyeshadow. I don't usually do my brows, I'm fine with how they look naturally and every time I put any product on them they just look weird.

Overall 7/10 - taking the price point into account.

Buy: E.L.F Christmas Makeup Clutch Palette, £7.50

There's a 50 GFC follower giveaway coming up very soon, I'm so excited!

Monday, 21 May 2012

balance me lip salve

I seem to have a never-ending supply of lip balms, but very few of those are proper, heavy-duty salves, the dominant group takes the form of lip smackers and the like.
My lips have a tendency to be chronically dry, painfully so, and every few hours at the most I will apply a lip balm, gloss or something along those lines.
Today I'm sharing something from Balance Me, which is a brand that prides itself on having all it's products free from parabens, sulphates, DEA, PEGS, petroleum, mineral oils, artificial fragrances & colours, silicones and propylene glycol. Also everything's origin is 100% natural and is created in the UK.
The packaging is pink (obviously), probably to symbolise the rose, and is rather pleasing to look at.
You apply the salve straight from the tube, which I find a bit more hygienic than scraping stuff out of a pot with your finger.
 The lip balm is very rich and thick, although this is amazing for the lips, since it comes out a squeezy tube I found on the first few uses I had to stick a toothpick down the hole to clear it and get the product to come out. There's no taste and the scent is incredibly subtle, it definitely won't offend anyone's noses unless you despise the smell of roses with a passion!
Once you get the balm on your lips it feels a lot like oil, and is very shiny. However, just like actual oil this quickly fades and within half an hour any trace of shine will have gone.
The moisturising effect lasts a bit longer than that, but after two hours my lips were uncomfortably dry again.
You get loads of product in the tube, a whopping 15ml, and with the amount you need to put on the lips (a tiny bit as it is so rich) this'll last a long time.
I will continue to use this, and maybe frequent applications will do some kind of miracle and change my mind on this, if it does I will be sure to update you but for now I think that if you're looking for the best, most moisturising lip balm ever go for Carmex, it's the best I've found so far.

Buy: Balance Me Rose Otto Lip Salve, £8

Sunday, 20 May 2012

notd | purple ombre

Today has been a lazy day, lying around in the sun (I know, SUN! Sun in Scotland! Unheard of.) and flicking through the many magazines I've accumulated through getting all those free gifts while painting my nails. This was the look I came up with.
There's an ombre effect going on, with the lightest colour on my thumb and the darkest on my pinkie finger. I couldn't resist adding a layer or two of Max Factor Fantasy Fire on top, and it looks especially nice layered over Barry M Bright Purple, which is on my middle finger, you really get to see the red and orange tones of the glitter.
L-R Miss Sporty 344 (thumb), LA Colors Fun in the Sun (index finger), Barry M Bright Purple (middle finger), No7 Vivid Violet (ring finger), Miss Sporty 328 (pinkie), Max Factor Fantasy Fire (all)

Buy: Miss Sporty 344 (Grape Fit), £1.99
LA Colors Mini Color Craze Polish Fun in the Sun, Currently $1, approximately 63p 
Barry M Bright Purple, £3
No7 Vivid Violet, £7
Miss Sporty 328 (Blueberry), £1.99
Max Factor Fantasy Fire, £3.99

Saturday, 19 May 2012

saturday shopping

I might have had a little splurge today, and a sneaky MAC purchase crept in there somewhere. Ah well, I can claim it's for blogging purposes.
Don't mind the door handle in the corner, it's the best place I can find to take photos of clothes, which are all from Primark.
The top caught my eye because of the cut, it's cropped and lies off the shoulder and is rather ragged - I get so much use out of tops like these in the summer. The writing says "C'est soir...?" which I think is French for "This evening...?", correct me if I'm wrong. It cost £6, more than reasonable.
I was looking for a pair of navy plimsoles, I wear coloured plimsoles most of the time and the orange ones I picked up in a haul a while back are getting a bit grubby, so for £4 a pop you can't go wrong. It annoys me that I have to get a size up in Primark shoes, it makes my feet feel big!
Lastly, the sunglasses. I've figured out that most sunglasses don't suit me, so I was in Primark trying on around 20 pairs before I decided on these rimless aviators. I'm still not sure if I like them, the rhinestone heart on the side seems a tad tacky, I'll see if I can pick them off. Apparently they offer total UV protection and cost £3.
Does anyone else feel really chic when they are holding a MAC bag? Even though I only bought one thing, I still felt special walking out of House of Fraser with it. Anyway, what I got is a Mineralize Concealer, £16, in NW15. No, I'm not that pale (embrace the paleness if you are though) but the lovely makeup artist persuaded me to get this as opposed to the Studio Sculpt I was after as she said that the Mineralize Concealer faired better under the eyes, which is where I will be using it the most, and she said getting it a few shades lighter will brighten up the eyes. Pshh, I knew that. What I didn't know that she taught me was that using a fluffy eyeshadow brush gets a much better application, I will be doing a comparison of this concealer and the Maybelline one I have been using.
Next up is two Sleek Pout Paints that I got from a blog sale, £5 for both, the blue is Peek-a-bloo and the peach is Peachy Keen. Will be doing reviews soon!
The Lush face mask in Love Lettuce I actually got for free, as I returned 5 empty Lush pots (think of it as Back 2 Mac but Lush) and claimed my reward. May I just remind you how nice the Lush assistants are. The woman I was talking to was explaining the qualities of each face mask at around a billion words an hour, but was still smiling and complimenting me on my nails, even though I wasn't giving them any money or anything. In the end I felt bad about walking in and getting something for free and not buying anything, so I bought my mum a moisturiser. Ahh Lush have got sales techniques down to a T.

 I would call that retail therapy, but it's not as if I was particularly stressed, oh wait, I had an exam. Yes. That is my excuse for spending money.