Friday 6 April 2012

revlon colorburst lipstick in fuchsia

Now, I am confused as to the spelling of the word fuchsia. Revlon and the rest of the world think it's spelt with the ch in front of the s, but the Boots website thinks that it's the other way around.  Anyway, onto the review.

The lipstick lives in a matte black house with a glossy quilted design on it. I love how Revlon took boring black packaging and made it look classy, sophisticated and high end, right down to the brand name being embossed on the bullet. The top of the lid is the same colour as the lipstick, so you can easily tell which lipstick it is without having to take the cap off or memorising all your lipsticks!

The colour Fuchsia is a bright, bright pink with a LOT of pigmentation. The formula is in no way drying and glides on smoothly. It lasts a fair amount of time on the lips, and fades into a stain.


I really like this colour and it livens up a dull complexion when you need a little pick-me-up :).
Pigmentation 8/10
Overall 9/10

Buy: Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Fuchsia 030 - £7.99

Wow I need to start reviewing bad products! Everything so far I've been giving pretty good marks!
Do you like bright lipsticks?


  1. Love the color!

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  2. its a beautiful colour I've been reading that its a dupe for MACs girl about town and i will be checking that out :)

  3. Looks lovely! I love the packaging too, it reminds me of the Chanel quilted bags!