Friday 6 April 2012

e.l.f joy

e.l.f is one of the cheapest brands I own, in fact the only brand I can think of that is cheaper is MUA, where the standard line is £1. However, as MUA proves, cheap doesn't always mean bad. With that in mind, I placed an order at the e.l.f website and shortly afterwards a lovely, satisfyingly large box arrived at my doorstep.
You have no idea how hard it is to try and get a round pot to vogue for you - it just rolls off every time I try and take a picture!
I don't normally go for loose powder blushes, I find them the be messy and overly pigmented so I end up with clown cheeks. Sexy, no? But for some reason I was drawn to this, I think it's because I really wanted to try a lilac blush, and a cheap one at that, so if I decided it looked horrendous it wouldn't be too much of a waste of money.

Brush is Sigma F30 - Large Powder Brush from the Make Me Cool collection

e.l.f describe the colour Joy as a mauve lilac, I'd say for the most part this is pretty accurate, however it is slightly pinker than the description gives it credit for. You don't need to be light-handed, but the pigmentation is in the realms of perfect, I would say even a bit on the sheer side, and if you do apply too much it blends out quite well.
 I think e.l.f have done rather well on this one, and for the price, it's definitely worth at least considering getting if you're placing an order on their website.
 Pigmentation 6/10
Overall 7/10

Buy: e.l.f Mineral Blush in Joy, £3.50


  1. My fave product from ELF is their duo bronzer and blush. It's the one thing I never leave the house without. :)

  2. So with you on this one. I'm a fair-skinned redhead and Joy is my favourite daytime blush of all time. It looks very natural on me, and like you I find the pigmentation just right - sheer enough to look natural, but pigmented enough to make a difference with a sweep.