Thursday, 12 April 2012

collective haulin'

It seems that as soon as my bank balance looks somewhat healthy, I go ahead and make it ill again. Seriously, online shopping is my downfall and is what will turn me into a hobo on the streets, begging "Spare change? Please, ASOS has a sale on! Everything's 20% off!" Ahem. Like I'd spend my money on clothes. Makeup and nail polish, hello! Anyway, this is my first haul post. (Most of it is nail polish. Don't say I never warned you.)

First stop: Miners Cosmetics. I'd never heard of this brand before, but I saw the Spring 2012 collection on a blog, and since I've been looking for a lemony yellow I though I'd give the brand a twirl. The nail polish is called Sunny Side Up, and is £2.99. The Lip & Cheek Colour was on sale for 99p and is in the shade Peach. Also, how lovely is the packaging? Little touches like pink tissue paper make my day.

This is what I was talking about in my Nail Polish Tag when I said that I didn't own any Essie polishes and had just bought one called Smooth Sailing on eBay :) I love miniature anything, and nail polish certainly isn't an exception. Despite having so many blues, I don't have a colour like this, it's got a sort of greyish tinge to it, so I'm glad to have this little guy around.

eBay again! All my reds are either dark or that "pin-up" red colour and for summer I though I needed a "juicy" red, if that makes sense. Basically, the colour is like if someone squished raspberries into a bottle and added some glitter.

Want to know how much both of these cost including delivery? £4. Yes, £4. Ahhh, I love blog sales. The No7 nail polish is in Highland Mist, and The 17 Liquid Liner is in Black. Again, I don't have a colour similar to the nail polish, I've never thought to pick up a rosy nude, but I think it will look really flattering on my nails and accentuate a tan.

Bandwagon? Consider me on it. Yes, this is the famous Max Factor Fantasy Fire, it was a pound off at Superdrug and I couldn't resist. There was also this other nail polish, called Sunset Pink or Sunny Pink or something and it was as beautiful as Fantasy Fire, maybe next time I go shopping I'll pick it up.

I think I've definitely saved the best for last! This is my order from Fragrance Direct, which came in a massive box filled with those green bags that I like to make go POP! The Sally Hansen nail polishes were only £1.50 each (I think) and the colours are Sea and Be Seen, Dive Deeper, Pomegranate and the grey Revlon polish is in Cloud. Also, this Almay foundation had amazing reviews that said that it adjusts to your skin colour and is light coverage, I thought it would be perfect for summer!

Do you like haul posts?


  1. I love haul posts!

    Also I think you may have a nail polish addiction ;)


    1. hehe gives me an excuse to buy more stuff if i can say its for my blog! and yess, maybe i should go to nail polish rehab, where you are only allowed to wear clear nail polish! shock horror.