Monday, 23 April 2012

collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer comparison

Except it's it's not really a comparison, but I didn't know what to call this post. "I'm Gonna Swatch Two Different Shades Of Collection 2000 Concealer So You Can See How They Compare" didn't quite make the cut. I just found out that Collection 2000 rebranded to Collection, I don't like that, it doesn't roll off the tongue. As way of rebellion I shall just keep calling it Collection 2000. Take that, society.
On the left is Light 02, right is Medium 03. I don't use Medium 03 very often at all, as only when I'm extremely tanned or under high coverage foundation I can pull it off, but still the writing on the tube finds a way to rub off. The concealer comes in four colours, from Fair 01 to Deep 04, so unfortunately there is only one choice of shade if you have darker skin.
As you can see, Medium 03 does look quite orange against my pale, never-seen-the-sun-because-it's-always-covered-by-clouds-grr-I-hate-Scottish-weather skin, but at the moment, Light 2 is a fairly good match. I plan on completing my collection by purchasing Fair 01 next winter when I'm at my palest, also for under-eyes as it's good to use a shade lighter there. After all, they're only £4-something!
Collection 2000 claim this stays on for 16hrs, I don't think any makeup can last that long - well, I wouldn't know because as soon as I get home and know that I'm not going out again, all my makeup comes off! Awesome coverage, especially as it's so cheap, and covers any spots you have efficiently, and when you get home nothing will have rubbed off so no need for re-applying. Really great all-rounder.

Buy: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, £4.19

What's your favourite concealer?


  1. Cute blog!<3

  2. Collection 2000 is amazing! I always use that concealer, in medium 3, i think it's one of the best concealers on the high street alongside bourjois healthy mix! Great post my dear :)

    E-L xo

    1. ah i know - cheap and cheerful! need to check out boujois healthy mix i've heard such good things :)xx

  3. "As way of rebellion I shall just keep calling it Collection 2000. Take that, society." that made me laugh so much. I have been meaning to try these out, since great reviews everywhere. Thank you for swatching them, I am never to sure on the shades and the about limited colour range when it comes to Concealers!