Tuesday, 24 April 2012

rimmel latino

I personally love the purple packaging with a silver band in the middle and a little crown on the lid, it's a welcome change from the standard black. The only thing is the coloured case immediately disqualifies the product from being mistaken for being high-end. The only high-end brand that I can think of that doesn't go for sleek, black packaging is Urban Decay, I wish more department store brands would break out of the mould and put their products in bright, garish, childish, dare I say even tacky packaging. Rant over.

The formula is pretty average, it lasts about three hours on the lips, and isn't drying, but just to be safe, and because I hate the feeling of dry lips, I always apply lip balm underneath.
The colour is in the (excuse the over-used expression) "my lips but better" category, it's a medium pink with a hint of gold shimmer and looks a bit frosty on the lips.

A natural, day-time colour, it's a shame this doesn't get much use as I favour wine, fuchsia or red colours over pinks. Ah well at least I have the option to wear pink if I want to.
Pigmentation - 7/10
Overall - 6/10

Buy: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Latino, £6.29

Would you wear it?

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