Sunday, 29 April 2012

my nail polish collection - yellows and golds

If I were to do yellows separate from golds, the swatch wheel would only have two colours on it, and that seems just stupid, which is why I'm grouping them together. And because I'm awesome like that. I kid, of course.
I never really wear yellows, mainly because up until this month I have only ever owned one. I prefer pastels to bright yellows, and I don't particularly like dark golds either. And I'm getting really annoyed because I keep typing "glods" instead of "golds". Grrrr.
L-R Rimmel Sunshine, Miners Cosmetics Sunny Side Up, Collection 2000 Glam
Rimmel Sunshine - My very first yellow, this was a gift, and I don't tend to reach for it unless I'm doing a design that requires yellow, as the formula is quite opaque - well, for a yellow at least.

Miners Cosmetics Sunny Side Up - Hauled here and used here. I was disappointed with this, I thought that it would have taken less than four coats to get it up to opacity. I adore the colour though, it's the perfect pastel yellow.

Collection 2000 Glam - I can't remember the last time I wore this to be honest, but it's a nice sheer colour with a gold duochrome. I can imagine this would look nice over a nude or purple colour. Or maybe even there's an idea.
L-R Laminelle, Claire's, Claire's - None have names

Laminelle - The tiniest bottle of nail polish I've ever seen, containing only 3ml, managing to get a second application of this was hard. I've had this for a year or two now, and it's not gone gloopy, so there's a good thing. I'd like to do a gradient look with this on the tips.

Claire's (middle in picture) - Argghh I hate nail polish without a name! Why? Why? WHYYYYY? Maybe I'm over-exaggerating, maybe I'm not. I love this colour so much, it's sort of a gold mixed with an olive green, I think this lasted around nine days on my nails last time I wore it, not because it didn't chip, but just because the colour is so pretty I couldn't bear taking it off.

Claire's (right in picture) - This is a really dark gold, almost copper. I'm really surprised how good the quality is on the big Claire's bottles, and they're not expensive either. I don't wear this often at all, but I bet it'd look stunning with ombre nails going from silver to this colour of gold.


  1. My sport house in school was yellow, so yellow nails reminds me so much of sportsday!

    Also random fact, I saw Seal on tv wearing bright yellow nailpolish. Ahha, it must be cool!