Saturday, 19 May 2012

saturday shopping

I might have had a little splurge today, and a sneaky MAC purchase crept in there somewhere. Ah well, I can claim it's for blogging purposes.
Don't mind the door handle in the corner, it's the best place I can find to take photos of clothes, which are all from Primark.
The top caught my eye because of the cut, it's cropped and lies off the shoulder and is rather ragged - I get so much use out of tops like these in the summer. The writing says "C'est soir...?" which I think is French for "This evening...?", correct me if I'm wrong. It cost £6, more than reasonable.
I was looking for a pair of navy plimsoles, I wear coloured plimsoles most of the time and the orange ones I picked up in a haul a while back are getting a bit grubby, so for £4 a pop you can't go wrong. It annoys me that I have to get a size up in Primark shoes, it makes my feet feel big!
Lastly, the sunglasses. I've figured out that most sunglasses don't suit me, so I was in Primark trying on around 20 pairs before I decided on these rimless aviators. I'm still not sure if I like them, the rhinestone heart on the side seems a tad tacky, I'll see if I can pick them off. Apparently they offer total UV protection and cost £3.
Does anyone else feel really chic when they are holding a MAC bag? Even though I only bought one thing, I still felt special walking out of House of Fraser with it. Anyway, what I got is a Mineralize Concealer, £16, in NW15. No, I'm not that pale (embrace the paleness if you are though) but the lovely makeup artist persuaded me to get this as opposed to the Studio Sculpt I was after as she said that the Mineralize Concealer faired better under the eyes, which is where I will be using it the most, and she said getting it a few shades lighter will brighten up the eyes. Pshh, I knew that. What I didn't know that she taught me was that using a fluffy eyeshadow brush gets a much better application, I will be doing a comparison of this concealer and the Maybelline one I have been using.
Next up is two Sleek Pout Paints that I got from a blog sale, £5 for both, the blue is Peek-a-bloo and the peach is Peachy Keen. Will be doing reviews soon!
The Lush face mask in Love Lettuce I actually got for free, as I returned 5 empty Lush pots (think of it as Back 2 Mac but Lush) and claimed my reward. May I just remind you how nice the Lush assistants are. The woman I was talking to was explaining the qualities of each face mask at around a billion words an hour, but was still smiling and complimenting me on my nails, even though I wasn't giving them any money or anything. In the end I felt bad about walking in and getting something for free and not buying anything, so I bought my mum a moisturiser. Ahh Lush have got sales techniques down to a T.

 I would call that retail therapy, but it's not as if I was particularly stressed, oh wait, I had an exam. Yes. That is my excuse for spending money.


  1. Great haul! I really love the top! And yes, I know what you mean with the MAC bag, I love holding them!

    1. glad someone agrees, at least i know im not a weirdo that gets happiness from luxury bags! :D

  2. ahh, the love lettuce mask is one of my very favorites from lush! it makes my face feel amazing afterwards. brazened honey is a really good one, too! i would definately recommend putting it on your shopping list next time you head over to lush :)
    love your blog! i'm officially suscribed :)


    1. will do, i'll get it next time i save up 5 lush pots :) and thanks so much xx