Monday 21 May 2012

balance me lip salve

I seem to have a never-ending supply of lip balms, but very few of those are proper, heavy-duty salves, the dominant group takes the form of lip smackers and the like.
My lips have a tendency to be chronically dry, painfully so, and every few hours at the most I will apply a lip balm, gloss or something along those lines.
Today I'm sharing something from Balance Me, which is a brand that prides itself on having all it's products free from parabens, sulphates, DEA, PEGS, petroleum, mineral oils, artificial fragrances & colours, silicones and propylene glycol. Also everything's origin is 100% natural and is created in the UK.
The packaging is pink (obviously), probably to symbolise the rose, and is rather pleasing to look at.
You apply the salve straight from the tube, which I find a bit more hygienic than scraping stuff out of a pot with your finger.
 The lip balm is very rich and thick, although this is amazing for the lips, since it comes out a squeezy tube I found on the first few uses I had to stick a toothpick down the hole to clear it and get the product to come out. There's no taste and the scent is incredibly subtle, it definitely won't offend anyone's noses unless you despise the smell of roses with a passion!
Once you get the balm on your lips it feels a lot like oil, and is very shiny. However, just like actual oil this quickly fades and within half an hour any trace of shine will have gone.
The moisturising effect lasts a bit longer than that, but after two hours my lips were uncomfortably dry again.
You get loads of product in the tube, a whopping 15ml, and with the amount you need to put on the lips (a tiny bit as it is so rich) this'll last a long time.
I will continue to use this, and maybe frequent applications will do some kind of miracle and change my mind on this, if it does I will be sure to update you but for now I think that if you're looking for the best, most moisturising lip balm ever go for Carmex, it's the best I've found so far.

Buy: Balance Me Rose Otto Lip Salve, £8


  1. I still haven't tried Carmex, need to give it a go though, as my lips seem to get dry whatever the weather! I find that everything I try seems to last about two minutes and then I'm back to square one.
    Mel x

  2. I love Rose Otto. Rose used to be my biggest hate but now I'm lovin' certain types! Must be turning into an aul doll.