Wednesday, 16 May 2012

eyeko skinny eyeliners

Don't ask me how I acquired two of these eyeliners, all I know is that one was in a beauty box (as are most of my more expensive beauty products) but I've rediscovered them, both completely unused and in the box. I thought I might take advantage of the newness and take some photos, and after testing it out I'm ready to do a review!
Yes, the boxes are a bit battered, and I can't help but notice how big Eyeko have made the boxes, especially for how thin the actual liners are, it tricks your mind into thinking that the product is bigger than it is. As for the extra long handle, it's a bit too long for my taste, as when I do my eyeliner I get really close to the mirror, and the end of the handle tends to bump off the mirror. That being said, I can appreciate that the handle will be a godsend for some people. Oh, and I don't know why the shade "Plum" doesn't have any writing on the pencil.
The colours I have are Dove Grey and Plum, and the names say it all really. I can't really see me using the grey very often, because it annoys me when my black eyeliner fades to grey so I can't see myself liking it when my liner is grey from the start. I was hoping that Plum would be a nice purple, but I would say that it leans more brown, however I still really like it and will use it.
Now, the formula. Ohmygod. These are so smooth and pigmented, they truly are a joy to use and I didn't even have to go over the swatches below. I can say with confidence that the Skinny Eyeliners are the creamiest pencil liners I own and are easily blendable but don't smudge, not to mention how precise or thick you can make the lines, as you sharpen it to get the product - I like the sharpening type of eye pencils better than the twisty-uppy automatic ones because I love the sharp point a freshly sharpened pencil gives.
In the UK, the only place you can find Eyeko is in Harvey Nichols, and it's available in Sephora for all you international people! On the website (which has free shipping to the UK and Europe, and free shipping worldwide for orders over USD $55) there is a choice of six shades, there's a black, a green, a blue, a light pink and of course the two I've reviewed.

Pigmentation 8/10
Overall 9/10

Buy: Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner, £9.50

And yes, I'm sad about the Eyeko rebranding. It used to be so cute!


  1. I always see eyeko being used by people and I never know where to go to get them! Thanks for the info, great post natasha!

    E-L xo

  2. So pretty! The blue color is beautiful!