Friday, 25 May 2012

graze box review

Ok, so this isn't strictly beauty related, but the concept behind this box is rather clever.
Graze is a website that, for £3.79 including delivery you get four little snacks sent to your door or straight to where you work however often or little you like.
I've been ordering on and off for about half a year now, just because I'm thinking that I could've bought a lipstick with that money, even though I get more satisfaction off the snacks because they really are so yummy.
This is the packaging as it comes in the post, the top right hand corner is where the address will be.
When you sign up for an account with Graze, they'll give you all the options of what could be in your box. You can rate the snacks so that Graze knows what you like and don't like. There's also an option to send soon, which puts the item in your next box.
Sorry for the windowsill in the corner, I thought it would be nice to take some photos in natural light today, seeing as I actually have some!
There's two different kinds of boxes, nibbleboxes and nutritionboxes. The nibbleboxes give you the most variety of food, whereas the nutritionbox offers three different nutrition plans.
They are the eatwellbox, which has a selection of healthy food, with the odd treat thrown in, the boostbox, which is the healthiest box, but also the strictest (no chocolate buttons for you!) and the lightbox, the box which has the lowest calorie nibbles.
I have the nibblebox, and this is what was in it, although it's all been gobbled up by now:
There's a little napkin underneath the food pots if you lift them out!
Graze also sends you a leaflet (below) with all the information about the food so you know exactly what you're eating. My contents were the bakewell tart, which had cherry sultanas, almonds and cranberries, hot cross yum, which consisted of orange sultanas, sponge pieces and cinnamon honey almonds, strawberry milkshake, that had dried strawberries and bananas, and white chocolate buttons. Finally, I got a chutney dip with curry bites, which was my favourite, I love the dips.
My box seemed to mostly have dried fruit, just so you know the website offers much more than that. I definitely recommend the dips, and if you like raisins be sure to get something-infused sultanas, I think I once had lime infused sultanas - amazing.
Unfortunately, Graze is only available in the UK because the food has to be delivered fresh, in fact it arrives the next day after it's been posted.
 I'm not affiliated with Graze at all, however I have a link (that all customers get) that gets your first box free! So if you live in the UK, go on and register, you can get some free food and then cancel straight after you've received it, there's no charge or anything.
If you click the link and register, I either get £1 off my next box, or I could donate it to the charity that Graze supports (school of farming in Uganda), which I will do.


  1. Yum, I love the way they give each section a little theme, and make them taste like familiar treats. Have heard about this (or something similar) before and have been meaning to try it for ages. Definitely will do now. :)
    Mel x