Wednesday, 9 May 2012

notd | one colour to another

I have a whole bag of makeup sponges lying around and since I figured out that foundation is best put on with a brush I have no use for them. I decided to try out something on my nails, and here's how it turned out.
First, I painted my nails with the three different colours in stripes, there's no need to be neat, just make sure the sections are all the same size. This is because I tried sponging the nail polish straight on, and it was way too sheer so you need something under it, maybe an opaque white would work underneath too.
Then after the stripes are completely dry, paint directly onto the sponge with the nail polishes you're using in the same order as they are on your nails. Then begin sponging, and keep going until all the lines are blurred and the colours fade into one another to create the gradient look.
Finish with a top coat to get a smooth, glossy finish.
L-R Calvin Klein Electric Blue, Miss Sporty 328, Collection 2000 Siren, Boots makeup sponge


  1. It looks like a painting, so pretty! Really want to try this now x

  2. Looks really kool,I might have to try this now I've gotten into nails!

    1. oooh please do, id love to see someone else's take on the look! x

  3. I ombre'd my nails this week too! Should have a post up with pics tomorrow or Friday. The first time I tried it it was a complete disaster, but this time I was quite successful!
    Did you get my reply to your email about the giveaway?
    Thanks again!
    Mel x

  4. That's really neat!!! If I had a sponge (I know... it's weird not to have one) I would TOTALLY do this look!!!!