Thursday 3 May 2012

nyx queen of africa

I am a self-confessed lipgloss junkie, I own way too many to justify and to make myself feel less guilty, I'll share them with you so I can say that I'm buying them for review. Bad excuse I know *hangs head in shame*.
NYX lipglosses have pretty standard packaging, you can see the colour and the applicator is a doefoot, which for a colour this dark makes it quite hard to apply perfectly, and you might want to use a disposable lip brush.
The formula is very thin, it's sort of watery if that makes sense? For this reason it doesn't last long on the lips at all, but at least it's not sticky.
My favourite colour on my lips has to be either purple or bright fuchsia, Queen Of Africa definitely falls into the purple category. It also has a blue shimmer, which you will see in the lip swatch.
NYX is rather hard to source in the UK, I think that some Debenhams stores stock it although I could be wrong, and I've seen a few products in TK Maxx. Personally I ordered this from, but that was when I placed a large order, i don't recommend only ordering one or two things from there as postage worldwide is quite a hefty price. Your best bet online is the UK NYX website although the prices are a lot steeper than it's American counterpart. eBay or Amazon is an option too.

Pigmentation 6/10
Overall 8/10

Buy: NYX Round Lipgloss in Queen Of Africa RLG 14, £3


  1. This loks really pretty, I dont have anything this bright yet :-)

    1. i love wearing bright lips, it means you don't need to do anything fancy with your eyes! xx

  2. Looks so pretty! I feel like I've definitely heard this be mentioned before around on YouTube or blogger, and it seems like a great color!

    1. haha yes, i think i heard about it from a youtuber too!xx