Tuesday, 22 May 2012

e.l.f christmas makeup clutch palette

Yes, yes. It's as far away from Christmas as possible - or would that be the day after Christmas Day? Hmmm. But really, doesn't it look like e.l.f just took a load of makeuppy key words and shoved them into one name? I really don't know why Christmas is one of those words, though. It's still being sold on the website, maybe it was released at Christmas?
The packaging is pretty sleek, it's very compact and if you wanted to, you could just take this, a mascara and maybe a concealer if you're going away for a day or two. The top has the eyeshadows and a reasonable-sized mirror and the blushes and lip colours etc slides out of the side.
The whole palette consists of thirty two eyeshadows, six lip colours, two blushes, a bronzer, an eyebrow powder, an eyebrow cream, a face shimmer and three dual ended eyeshadow applicators, pretty good for £7.50, eh?
Below I haven't swatched all of the eyeshadows, but some of the interesting colours.

Most of the colours are either shimmery or frosty, maybe that's for the best as the very last colour on the last swatch above is a feeble attempt at a matte black.
In general I found the pigmentation not the best if I'm honest, a few shades are pretty good quality, but the majority ranges from average to bad. However, if you're just starting out in makeup and don't want to spend too much, this seems perfect as it gives you a wide colour range for less than a tenner.

I found the bronzer and blushes to be rather good, albeit a bit chalky. The bronzer is a bit orange for me, maybe someone with an olive skin tone would fair better. I suggest avoiding the face shimmer, it has the consistency of a cheap lipgloss and is too sticky for my liking.
Speaking of cheap lipglosses...Well I've always avoided lipglosses in pan form, they remind me of freebies I got with Barbie magazines as a child! The first four are basically clear, and the last two, which look oh so menacing in the palette look nice and natural on the lips, even though I doubt I'll ever wear them, since I have much better choices to hand.
I haven't tried the eyebrow cream and powder and I don't really want to even though the powder looks quite pigmented, if I were to use it, it'd be as an eyeshadow. I don't usually do my brows, I'm fine with how they look naturally and every time I put any product on them they just look weird.

Overall 7/10 - taking the price point into account.

Buy: E.L.F Christmas Makeup Clutch Palette, £7.50

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  1. I got this as a free gift when I ordered off ELF around Christmas last year :)
    It is not bad at all! Great range of eyeshadow colours and I actually love the peach blush! x

    1. i think i got it as the same free gift! never used it though x