Sunday 13 May 2012

mua eyeshadow in shade 11

To me, MUA is the brand that proves that cheap makeup isn't always bad, with their standard line only costing a pound, I'd initially thought that the products would be terrible. Well, I was wrong.
The packaging is transparent so you can spot the colour of the eyeshadow easily, albeit it's not exactly pretty, but considering the price it could be so much worse. Shade 11 feels soft to the touch, and glides on smoothly across your eyelid. It also manages to stay put and not crease, with the use of a primer of course.
I know I keep going on about how inexpensive the eyeshadow is, but the pigmentation is astounding for £1. Really, wow. Shade 11 is a brown that swatched it takes on a lovely bronze, warm tone, and it has a slightly metallic finish.
It's such a shame that MUA is only sold in Superdrug, however the MUA website (linked) offers international shipping.
 Pigmentation 8/10
Overall 9/10

Buy: MUA Eyeshadow in Shade 11 Pearl, £1


  1. I love that colour! I might have to get it.. damn you x

  2. Great colour will have to check their site out!

    1. it's such a shame international shipping is so expensieve! x

  3. So great! I don't think that there's a better feeling than when you find a great cheap drugstore product!!