Tuesday 29 May 2012

my nail polish collection - purples

I've always preferred purple to pink, and that translates onto my nails too. Apparently it's a colour that used to be associated with royalty and aristocrats, maybe that's why I like it so much!
2True Shade 11, Claire's No Name, Miss Sporty 344, OPI Planks A Lot

2True Shade 11 - This is a super sheer metallic light lilac, I never really wear it because it's so sheer and on the nails it doesn't show up all that well. It's only a few pounds though, I'm rather impressed with the whole 2True nail polish line.

Claire's No Name - Again, I never wear this as the Miss Sporty polish next to it is very similar, but the colour applies very smoothly and is a lovely pinkish purple.

Miss Sporty 344 - A light purple, I reach for this whenever I have anything like this colour in mind. It applies well, and Miss Sporty brushes are short and fat, they fit the width of my nail really well. NOTD here.

OPI Planks A Lot - I love this so much! I actually have to stop myself wearing it because it's a mini bottle and has almost run out, I'm waiting to use up another nail polish before I can allow myself to buy the full size. The shade is much nicer than it looks in the photos, it's more of a greyish lilac, and looks wonderful whatever shade my skin is, whether I'm tanned or ghost white.
L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun, Bourjois No Name, Barry M Bright Purple, No7 Vivid Violet

L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun - This is a bog standard medium purple, there's not much to say about this. The brush is tiny and went gloopy rather quickly, but that's easily fixed with nail polish thinner. Here's a NOTD.

Bourjois No Name - Another tiny bottle with a tiny brush, I'm pretty sure that the name was on the outer plastic, but that's long gone now. It's quite sheer, but the sparkly glitter makes up for it!

Barry M Bright Purple - I'm wearing it on my nails here with a coat of Max Factor Fantasy Fire on top, and it's a creamy red-toned purple that's opaque in two coats and has an altogether perfect formula. It's a shame that I prefer blue-toned purples because I cannot fault this at all.

No7 Vivid Violet - This is in the same NOTD as the Barry M Bright Purple, and is a medium purple that has a duochrome in it not unlike Fantasy Fire. With a No7 £5 voucher, this polish adds up to two or three pounds, and is well worth it. I wouldn't buy it at full price though.
L-R Miss Sporty 328, 17 Magnetized Lilac , Body Collection No Name, OPI Russian Navy

Miss Sporty 328 - I love this. I was looking for an indigo colour that's not too blue for ages, and was considering buying Essie's Sexy Divide for aroung ten quid when I saw this in Superdrug for £2, and it's beautiful. Consider my boat floated.

17 Magnetized Lilac - Again, I bought this in favour of an expensive nail polish, namely the Nails Inc ones. The first time I tried this it didn't work at all, so I cast it aside for a few months until I tried it again, and it worked. The effect is actually alright, I'm not too keen on the colour though.

Body Collection No Name - In my eyes, this is pretty similar to the 17 Magnetized Lilac, apart of course from it being magnetic. It's like a pie without the crust, the good bit's gone.

OPI Russian Navy - I didn't realise this was a blue, it looks so purple in the bottle. Nevertheless, I'll wear this come winter.
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark - Sorry that the photos make it look almost black, in reality it's a really really dark purple. I've never worn this but since it's such a raved about colour online I'll give it a go once the autumn and winter roll around.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire - I can't resist adding this over every purple just to see what it'll look like, here's one coat over various shades and here it is over a light purple. It's very sheer and is rather streaky over lighter shades, none the less it is absolutely stunning.

Do you like purple nail polish?


  1. OMG I love your collection, Nastasha! I guess my favorite color is the MaxFactor glittery purple nail polish, it's the last one and it's sooo pretty! :D

    1. ahh i agree, its so pretty :) oh, and your blog is amazing. seriously, wow <3

  2. I LOVE the Barry M bright purple, going to have to try and get my hands on that! x


  3. Loving that No.7 Vivid Violet. I love No.7 nail polishes, the packaging feels really expensive and I looove the applicator brushes they do, so easy to paint your nails with!
    I've just nominated you for a little challenge over on my blog. It's basically something I decided to blog about and then thought it would be fun to share it and pass it on to other bloggers. It's a bit embarrassing, but also sort of liberating, haha. Anyway, looking forward to yours if you go for it.
    Mel x

  4. Great shades! I really love purples as well, and I tend to always lean towards light or pastel colors. I definitely feel inspired to go and try to find some darker shades!

    1. pastels are my favourite too, but i do love a dark purple x