Monday 14 May 2012

my nail polish collection - blues

Blue seems to be the colour I buy and wear the most when it comes to nail polish, there's just so many pretty shades to choose from!

I tend to only wear light blues in the summer, I think it's because it matches the blue sky, and dark, navy blues in the winter.
L-R Sally Hansen Dive Deeper, Barry M Blueberry, China Glaze Crushed Candy, NYX Lapis

Sally Hansen Dive Deeper - I hauled this here and haven't worn it yet, but from the swatch I can see that this would be best applied over the top of another polish as it looks very sheer.

Barry M Blueberry - This has been featured in two NOTDs, here and here. It's my go-to light blue and has a creme finish. The formula is a tad thick, though.

China Glaze Crushed Candy - Unfortunately, I think this polish has reached the end of it's life, applying the swatch was a nightmare, it was all clumpy. It's meant to be a crackle polish, yeah that didn't happen this time.

NYX Lapis - I love this colour so much! It's the closest I've got to a periwinkle colour, I'm scared to buy an actual periwinkle shade in case it makes my skin look really red! The bad thing about this polish is that it chips very quickly, such a shame.
 L-R Sally Hansen Flash, Andrea Fulerton Eliza, Milani Cyberspace, Essie Smooth Sailing

Sally Hansen Flash - So so pretty - the shade reminds me of the sea on a really nice day, but neon-ized! Not much else to say about this, apart from that I hauled it here.

Andrea Fulerton Eliza - I got this in the Carmine February Beauty Box, and haven't had the chance to wear it yet. On the swatch it looks sort of yellowy-green as well as blue, it's be interesting to see what this looks like on the nails!

Milani Cyberspace - Ahh 3D woop woop! To sum the colour up, I'd say this was an grey-ish icy blue, but the colour is only half the story. On the nails it's a beautiful, 3D, holographic disco ball of awesomeness. I really want to get the other colours in the collection, it's just that the only way to get Milani in the UK is from, and the shipping is so expensive!

Essie Smooth Sailing. Hauled here and worn as an accent nail here, this is my one and only Essie polish and it leaves a good impression. The colour is opaque and applies well, and that's with the miniature size brush - and the actual shade is rather nice too.
L-R Sally Hansen Sea and Be Seen, Calvin Klein Electric Blue, No7 Totally Teal, Barry M Navy, Revlon Galaxy

Sally Hansen Sea and Be Seen - The name matches the shade perfectly, the colour reminds me of beaches, mermaids and the sea. It was in a NOTD here and in a haul here, and isn't it oh so gorgeous?

Calvin Klein Electric Blue - For the extortionate prices the Calvin Klein makeup range cost, you sure can pick them up cheaply if you know where to look. If you take a liking to this shade, I think discount websites such as Fragrance Direct will sell it for about £2. As for the colour, I think the name sums it up rather well, it really is an electric, cobalt blue.

No7 Totally Teal - I picked this up in a rush when I had a £5 off No7 that expired that day and I was late for a train, it always seems to be the way with those vouchers. On the nail it leans more towards green than blue, and it was in a NOTD here.

Barry M Navy - This is basically the perfect navy. It applies well, doesn't go thick, the brush isn't half bad an it doesn' cost the earth either. Love.

Revlon Galaxy - A beautiful sparkly top coat, I grouped this in with the blues, partly because it looks blue in the bottle and it has a few blue glitters in it, but mostly because the only way this polish looks good is if it's layered over a dark blue, more specifically Barry M Navy, it's the only combination that I've tried that I like. This may seem restricting, but it's worth it as they look amazing together.

I need to go on a blue nail polish-buying ban.


  1. Pretty colors! I really love blue, but I don't buy as many polishes as I should, as I always tend to stick to my one OPI blue I love.

    1. once you've found your favourite colour you dont need any more - i'm still searching for mine though! x

  2. i love blues too! my favourite is Propaganda by Illamasqua.

    where did you get your nail wheel from?

  3. Wow, Barry M Blueberry is gorgeous, how have I missed this?!! I love blue nail varnish, I'm off the hunt down fragrance direct now :) thank you for sharing!