Saturday, 1 September 2012

august favourites

What's September doing, sneaking up on us like that? I'm still waiting to summer to show up and suddenly it's less than four months till Christmas. Whilst I wonder where the days have gone, here's my favourite products from the past month.
Vera Wang Look Eau De Parfum - I got a massive 100ml bottle of this from BuyaPowa at the start of the month for a massive discount, it was less than twenty quid and I've been wearing it every single day. It's a sweet fruity floral with hints of vanilla, jasmine, mandarin, lily and apple (I may have researched that bit), lasts a long time and is a lovely non-offensive scent.

Cover FX Cream Foundation in E20 - This is a really high coverage foundation that needs to be applied carefully to stop it looking cakey if you want to wear it on your whole face, but I've been using this as a concealer and it works brilliantly. It conceals everything while still looking relatively natural - the colour is a perfect match for my skin too.
If you go on the Cover FX website, you can say what shade you are in MAC foundation, and it'll convert your shade into their numbering. Pretty cool, huh?

theBalm Frat Boy Blush - Well, the packaging's adorable for a start. The pigmentation is great, I've had this for around 9 months and there's barely a dent. As for the colour, it's a peachy pink shade that compliments my skin tone really well, and has no shimmer either (yay!).

MUA Lipstick in Shade 13 - I've been applying this very lightly and blending into my lips with my finger to create a natural, stained look. MUA lipsticks are amazing value for money, the pigmentation is great, especially as it's so cheap!

Snickers bar - Om nom nom so good. I've been eating too many of these this month.

Favourite music this month has to be anything from Kasabian. I've literally had their albums on repeat and not listened to anything else. That's love.

What are your favourites this month?


  1. Kasabian are a good band indeed!x

  2. I've been wanting to try out Frat Boy blush for the longest time so I am delighted to hear your positive feedback!
    Lovely items. x

  3. I LOVE MUA. Never tried there lipsticks though, may have to look into those!

    E-L xo

  4. I love theBalm, their packing is adorable too. I'm obsessed with anything retro inspired. I must give fratboy a try :) Also kasabian are great!

    1. me too, i think theBalm, benefit and soap and glory all have amazing packaging! x

  5. Oh my gosh what a bargain with the Vera Wang perfume! I like the sound of it, I shall be heading to my local Boots to have a sniff now ;D

    Ohhhhhhh that is SO cool with the cover fx thing - I wish more brands did that! It's so hard to find something that matches me perfectly that this is a brill idea!

    I've always wanted to try theBalm, their whole range's packaging is so cute! x

    1. i know, i think the rrp is around £70 - although in the link the price is much more reasonable.
      i wish all brands did the same as coverfx - it would make ordering foundation online much less of a hassle!

  6. I love this blush! It's so pretty and the packaging is just adorable!


  7. Definitely going to have a look at MUA more now, I have never really noticed them before but after reading yours and others reviews on their products I will definitely have a look :D xx