Saturday, 8 September 2012

notd | ruby elephants

I've never really experimented with the world of nail stickers, so when I stumbled upon where they had water transfer decals for around £2 with free postage I thought I'd give them a go!
You get 20 stickers in a pack (5 large, 10 medium, 5 small), along with some instructions:
Apply to clear or coloured nails
Cut the decal to size
Pop the decal in water for 30 second
Slide off backing paper onto the nail
Allow to dry and coat in clear varnish

The first few nails didn't turn out so well (see pinkie finger), but by the time I'd moved on to doing my middle finger I had got the hang of it and although you can still slightly see the edge of the sticker under a bright light, it isn't too noticeable - I also found it easier to apply a thin layer of clear nail polish before applying the decal as it acts as a glue and there's less bubbling.
Orly Ruby was a dream to apply and only needed two coats to become opaque.


  1. I love Orly's color! It's the perfect shade of red to me! :))


  2. I love elephants! I actually collect them (not real ones) so I think I should definitely get these! :) xo

  3. Loving the red colour and the elephants are cute ^^

    Love Emi

    Your newest follower