Wednesday 29 August 2012

notd | mosaic

I've never bought anything from W7 before, as I've written them off as a brand that blatantly copies high end brand's packaging (their boxed powders look so similar to Benefit's) but when I saw swatches of Nails Inc's Sprinkles collection compared to some W7 knock-offs, I knew I could forgive them just this once.
I may have went a little snap-happy...
 Although the rest of the W7 collection differs slightly to Nails Inc's, Mosaic (what a lovely name) is almost identical to Pudding Lane - you can see comparison swatches on this blog.The polish consists of navy, mint green and gold glitter particles suspended in a semi-opaque light blue base, I only needed two coats and I dabbed on a bit of extra polish where the glitter was sparse - but I can imagine this'll still be a pain to take off! The effect it gives is quite different from any other glitter I have as the pieces of glitter from the first coat are covered with the light blue from the second coat so they aren't as visible. I hope that makes sense.

I bought mine from Watt Brothers in Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow for £1.99, the cheapest I've found online is here for £1.95 but I'm not sure how much postage costs. This website has free delivery, and they're selling it for £3.45.


  1. That's a beautiful colour! I always forget about Watt Brothers - I have it in my head it's all housey or granny stuff?! Maybe it's because it was my gran who used to take me haha xo

    1. most of the stuff in there isn't to my taste but there are a few amazing finds in there x

  2. i love that colour!:)

  3. I love this, I got it recently at my local market for £1.50 so a total bargain :) Want to try the other one in Lave Flow now. It is a pain to remove though, took forever!

  4. Wow what a lovely colour for summer! I use the W7 polishes quite often they are pretty good:)
    Cool blog! <Beauty Giveaway this week!

  5. Only two coats for this?! Amazing. Let us know if it removes easily lol!

  6. I love it!


  7. Wow, it looks amazing! Perfect for summer! Great pics! :) xoxo

  8. Amazing nails! That is such a great colour.

    Love your blog! x

  9. Simply amazing!

    Shikha x

  10. And amazing blog! Following you now. check my blog too!

  11. That looks so pretty, I should really upgrade my nail polishes!