Friday, 21 September 2012

forever 21 haul

My blog's been fairly quiet over the last few days, I had a scheduled post that managed to upload itself (wehey!), but my excuse for being absent is that I was in London, and with London comes shopping. Naturally.
I managed not to buy anything at all until I stepped through the golden gates of Forever 21, then my plan to leave with as much money as I came in with went downhill. Ah well, at least it makes for a blog post.
I think I may have found my perfect denim shirt, the cut is really flattering and doesn't look baggy at all, not to mention the studded shoulders - to be honest I think the studs are what drew me in, they really add an edge to the shirt, and transform it into a statement piece. What's not to love?
In an attempt to wean myself off wearing hoodies, a beige cardigan made it's way into my basket - but not just any cardigan, oh no. Two words: elbow patches. I've no idea why I love this little feature so much, it's just so damn adorable.
Another hoodie alternative, this time in the form of a sweater with a bunny rabbit emblazoned on it. I can see this getting a lot of use when the weather starts to get chilly as it's so soft and perfect for lazy days.
The last time I was in Forever 21, I picked up a pair of jeans that soon became my favourite and most comfortable pair, so I thought it'd be well worth it to get another pair, especially for the price. I couldn't get a decent full-length shot of the jeans, but they're basic skinnies that almost look like jeggings. If you ever find yourself in Forever 21, I urge you to try on some jeans - I love mine to bits.
I couldn't go into Forever 21 and not get any jewellery, and the pieces I chose were some stackable rings (£3.90), a pair of triangular navy earrings with gold accents (£2.40) and a black and gold bracelet with small spikes that was on sale for £2.99.


  1. Great haul! I really like all the stuff, I even have a very similar cardigan except without the patches.

  2. I've only ever visited this store once in Birmingham and didn't come away with anything sadly :( Love the cardigan, looks nice and snuggly!Can't wait to go there again

  3. Awesome haul :) I'm obsessed with Forever 21 jeans, I've worn all of mine to shreds lol! And that denim shirt is beautiful. Great finds!

  4. Great haul :) Love the bunny jumper and jewellery!
    Claire x

  5. Great post and haul! Love the jumper! It's so cute! :))


  6. Aaaaww... that bunny! Love it!

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  7. Love that denim shirt!

    Georgia x

  8. Oooh, I was eyeing that studded denim shirt the other day. A great find! And that rabbit sweater is amazing!


  9. OMG, Love the rings form Forever 21!!!!:)