Thursday 6 September 2012

she said beauty box - september

Another month, another beauty box, and what a winner this one is! There are no less than four full-size products in the box, and all the boxes contain the same items so no-one misses out on anything - and there's a little snack thrown in too! 
The colour of the actual box has changed slightly, it's now a more vibrant version of it's signature duck-egg blue.
Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel - I used a tiny sachet of this ages ago and although I liked it, there wasn't enough product in the sample for me to establish a proper opinion of it. Recently I've been considering buying the full size as I've heard some rave reviews on the product, so I'm so happy I get to try this out! Are She Said Beauty mind-readers or something?
The tube contains 10ml and is worth £3.67.

Collection (2000) Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make-Up Fixer - I never really have a problem with my makeup vanishing throughout the day, however my foundation does tend to look a bit ragged after six hours, I'm interested to see if this will change anything.
This is a full size product and retails for £5.99.

Collection (2000) Primed & Ready Smoothing Make-Up Primer - Two Collection products? Not sure how I feel about that. Ah well, at least they're full-sized.
I've never ventured into the world of face primers, the only one I have is a miniature Benefit Porefessional and I think that's only been used once. I'm planning on using this in conjunction with the Fix Me Up and see if they give my makeup extra-longlasting super powers. Take that, Superman.
Also a full-sized product, it's worth £5.99.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - If I'm not mistaken, this was in last month's Glossybox, where it was described as "the best cleanser you've ever tried" or something along those lines. I'm intrigued to see if it as good as it claims, especially as it's fairly cheap.
Another full size, this is worth £3.50.
Popchips Barbeque - This is a lovely little extra and I've already devoured the packet - I can confirm that they were delicious!

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask - I haven't used a clay mask in a while, and this one looks as good as any - the sachet says it contains 10ml, but the card claims it's a full size and holds 15ml (and retails for £1.50)...mysterious *strokes chin*...

You can find me on the She Said Beauty website here, and you can subscribe to She Said Beauty here.

So the total value of this month's box was £20.65, pretty impressive! Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes?


  1. I can't wait for mine to come. I very nearly picked up both collection products a few months ago. Dying to try those. X

    1. good thing you aren't stuck with two sets of them! hope they're good :) x

  2. You're right the DHC Cleansing Oil was in last months Glossybox - I'm actually really loving it! The Collection stuffs pretty good too! It's a good job I'm not subscribed to She Said Beauty Box as I have half this stuff already!

  3. I got this box too - my first ever beauty box, very exciting! Looking forward to trying everything out! (except the Popchips, which vanished pretty quickly!) :)

    1. glad you liked it - and they were really good, weren't they?! x