Monday 27 August 2012

superdrug is amazing.

I go to Superdrug for any bits and bobs I need as I don't have a Boots near me and I never really notice the amount of deals they have on - that is, until I realised that I only paid £5.16 for 5 items (so basically as cheap as Poundland).
There are loads of products that are half price or have some kind of discount - something I see in Boots less often, and although Boots Advantage Card offers 4 points per £1 and Superdrug's Beauty Card only gives out 1 point per £1, Superdrug's discounts make up for it, and besides, currently if you spend more than £10 you earn 10 points per £1.
I highly recommend checking out if your local store has a jewellery stand, as Superdrug has their own jewellery line but unfortunately it isn't available on their website. There are always a few items on sale, and they're really pretty!
I managed to get three pairs of earrings and a necklace for £2.47, and they're all really pretty pieces that I would wear day to day - I especially love the star stud earrings and the necklace (I'm sure there's a specific word to describe that type of necklace, but I can't for the life of me remember it).
Just to show that wasn't an awesome one-time offer, I also got these cuff bracelets a while ago for only 49p each.
I spotted a few skincare brands that were on sale so I decided to try out a blemish stick from the brand Witch as it was only £1.35 and stock up on Carmex lip balm while it was half price for £1.34.

Have you ventured into Superdrug lately? What did you get?


  1. The gold cuff bracelet is really lovely! You got some good bargains! xxx

  2. Great Haul, I love Superdrug, especially now they do the points cards, it’s a shame they took so long!

    Love Sarahx

    1. ah i know! i could've racked up a small fortune on the amount i spent on perfumes! x

  3. I've been stocking up on my Witch sticks from Superdrug! Soooo worth it! And I agree, sometimes Superdrug is better than boots in terms of offers! xo

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  5. I love Superdrug! I go there to get most of my makeup, I don't normally get designer brands because they are expensive and I am quite young, but the jewellery stand at our store is rubbish :P so I normally go into Primark for jewellery.

  6. Love SuperDrug!! Seems cheaper than Boots, I picked up recently some Nivea facial products plus my usual Aussie hair creme. Also a big Carmex fan!

    Great blog, will be following.

  7. I've heard carmex is good but smells kinda funky, will you do a review? :)