Friday 10 August 2012

ebay purchases #2

I've been buying a few rings off the marvelous site that is eBay, I think about a month ago I owned less than five rings but now it's safe to say that my collection has expanded. I also invested in some nail art tools, so now I can spend even more time doing my nails! Yay for time-wasting.
And here is the nail art tool set kit thingy-ma-bobble. It contains seven brushes, four of them being standard small brushes, as well as a dotting tool, an angled brush and a fan brush. They also sport pink bristles, which is a plus.
You can buy the set here for £1.47 with free postage from Hong Kong.
Next up is the first ring of the lot and it happens to be this adorable fox one which when you wear it it's tail wraps around your finger. For some reason I love animal jewellery, and this is no exception.
You can buy it here for 99p with free postage from Hong Kong. They also have an option for it in silver.
I bought these earrings as soon as I saw them, I'm not sure why I love them so much but I do. The pastel colours stood out to me and before I knew it I was entering my PayPal password and the deed was done.
They cost £1.89 from here with free postage from Hong Kong.
This little bow ring caught my eye because it's so delicate, and if you look closely you can see that the bow is made of mesh of some sort which I thought was lovely attention to detail.
It's adjustable and also available in silver, here for 99p with free shipping from Hong Kong.
I'm a sucker for sparkly bracelets, and this one is no exception. It's just a circle of delightful rhinestone-y goodness, and that's all there is to it.
It'll cost you £1 from here with postage completely free from the wondrous place that is Hong Kong.
The last item is another ring, this one sporting a little pink retro-style camera and the lens has a little rhinestone inside to make it look as if it's flashing!
It's adjustable and available here in pink, black or white for 99p with free shipping from (you've guessed it) Hong Kong.

Have you found any amazing bargains on eBay recently?


  1. These are so cute! Great finds and great photos, too :)

  2. Ohhhhlove the earrings... I'm loving my pastels lately. :) x

  3. Wow I had no idea they made nail art brushes! I'm going to have to go get some for myself.

    It would mean alot to me if you checked out my blog. I'm just starting out and I would love some input.

    Thanks. Xx :)

  4. These are all so lovely! I'm now following your blog :) Follow mine back?


  5. WOW you have some lovely items here, I especially love the Earrings and the nail brushes, I might have to copy! :-)


  6. Love all your little ebay grabs! I'm after a few dotting tools, I think ebay is deffo the place to go :) xx

  7. These brushes are so cuteeee!