Tuesday, 14 August 2012

mac mineralize concealer vs. maybelline pure cover mineral concealer

 I've been putting this post off for over a month now, all the photos have been ready and waiting, every time I open up the folder "blog" on my laptop I can see them shouting "Me! Me! Pick me!" but I ignore them.
The reason? Well, I'm lazy and this post will be slightly longer than usual and I'm not that experienced at reviewing concealers and what if people say "Oooh she's not that experienced at reviewing concealers, I shouldn't trust her review"...
The real reason? None. So off I go...
At first this post was just going to be a plain review of the MAC concealer, but since the concealer I had been using previously was also a mineral concealer I wanted to compare them and pit them against each other in the ultimate SHOWDOWN! (Don't get excited, it's not going to be that dramatic.)

Obviously since MAC is high-end, the packaging is going to be a lot more pleasing to the eye. Maybelline hasn't done too bad though, the design is still pretty sleek. Both contain 5ml. The main difference is that while MAC has a brush applicator, Maybelline favours a doe-foot one - this difference personally doesn't affect me at all as my preferred way to apply concealer is to dab it on the back of my hand and blend it into my skin with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.
The one gripe I have with the packaging is that you can't get the very last of the product out of the tube, also you can't see when you're running low.
The colour I have of the MAC concealer (on the left) is NW15, I was colour-matched to such a light shade because I mainly use it under my eyes. The shade of the Maybelline concealer is 03 Sand, and the shade works well both under my eyes and on blemishes.
No Makeup
Mac Mineralize Concealer Freshly Applied
Mac Mineralize Concealer After 8 Hours

The MAC Mineralize Concealer is described on the MAC website as having "medium coverage with a natural luminous finish." It definitely looks very natural, and if you build the concealer up it will give you medium coverage. I tried this over a spot, and although it didn't completely cover up the redness, it certainly made it less noticeable. The concealer has really good staying power, you can see from the photos that my eye looks more or less the same after 8 hours as it does from when it was freshly applied.
I find that if I don't wear this over foundation it sometimes lets some of the colour of my under-eye through, which results in the area looking slightly greyish-purple under bright light.
No Makeup
Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral Concealer Freshly Applied
Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral Concealer After 8 Hours

The Maybelline concealer offers slightly more coverage than the MAC one, and I also use it on any redness or spots I might have. It's staying power isn't as impressive as MAC's, as you can see there is a considerable difference between the photos showing it freshly applied and after 8 hours.

So who won? Well it depends on what you're looking for. If you want something very natural that lasts a long time and you'll mainly use for under-eyes, I'd recommend the MAC Mineralize Concealer.
But if you're looking for something that can be used both on blemishes and on dark circles however isn't full coverage and doesn't cost the earth, the Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral Concealer should do the trick.

Buy: Mac Mineralize Concealer, £16
Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral Concealer, £3.49

What's your favourite concealer?


  1. They do seem to look quite similar in the photos as far as how they apply to the skin, as a makeup artist I would always trust Mac for longevity but it's great to see the highstreet alternatives.

    I don't tend to like liquid concealers too much anymore, I find they don't blend into my foundation as well as creme ones.


    1. i don't think i've ever tried a creme concealer, i've got my eye on mac studio sculpt or studio finish, cant decide!

  2. i would like the try the maybelline one it looks interesting!


  3. I've been hunting for a long lasting concealer lately and you just helped me out! I think I'm going to pick up the MAC one soon. Thanks.

  4. The Maybelline concealer looks promising if you can use it on blemishes as well as under eye area. Good review!

  5. It seems like the MAC me lasts a but better, but both look great :) x

  6. Interesting! The MAC one seems to have creased less and since I have oilier skin that's a plus for me. Thanks for this post, it was really well done :)


  7. Great review! Personally, I prefer the mac for the staying power... but maybelline does a great job too! x

  8. The mineral concealer from Maybelline used to be my favorite.. till they stopped selling it(over here). Never tried the Mac one, don't need to cause my new fav concealer is again from Maybelline(the sponge one).

  9. thanks for the review! i would so go for the maybeline one cause it's so much cheaper! :)


  10. guess I'm going to the drugstore today to get concealer... :D

  11. crazy how the maybelline concealer is just as good/better than?! mac?! ive never rated mac for concealers or foundation. surprisingly ive found collection 2000 concealer is UH-MA-ZING!! and oh so cheap hehe

  12. Just followed you as I am loving your blog.
    I was so sad when Maybelline stopped selling this concealer because I thought it was really good.
    Love this review too, really helpful :)
    Claire x

  13. I used the Maybelline one for years and loved it but sine it's been discontinued I can't find anything as good! 😓