Wednesday, 22 August 2012

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I couldn't stop myself from buying something in the ASOS sale - personally I blame them as it takes less than 5 clicks to get from being at the checkout to the order confirmation stage.
The order contained a few bits and bobs and a certain Models Own Beetlejuice Mini Trio - which is still available on the ASOS website for only £4.50 (link) - they're low in stock so if you want one, hurry! In case they've sold out, Boots do the same set for £8 (link).

The set contains three 6ml nail polishes from the popular Beetlejuice collection. They aren't the most opaque nail polishes I've used, they all needed three coats and the pink one looked like it could've done with a fourth. The good news is that they all dried pretty quickly, but with my rather hasty application I managed to trap a few bubbles in there.
I have to admit, the pink colour (Pink Cocktail) is my favourite, and it's exclusive to this set. Although it was on the sheer side, I liked the formula and it didn't look at all streaky on the second coat, so it's possible to wear this sheer. It's a super bright pink with strong blue shimmer - very Barbie-like!
Next up is Pinky Brown, which is actually a burgundy that has pink and orange shimmer which is visible when it hits the light. I found this one to be the most opaque of the bunch, I think two coats could suffice.
Golden Green is exactly what the name suggests - a green with a golden duochrome. This one bubbled the most, and since it is metallic it tends to look a bit streaky but I'm prepared to put up with it for the colour! Ah, the hardships of beauty.

You can buy the full size Pinky Brown and Golden Green here for £5 each.
Which colour is your favourite?


  1. Loving Pinky Brown! So pretty!

  2. Great post! I love the duo-chrome effect :)

  3. That pink polish is sooo lovely! It just had to be a set exclusive, didn't it?? Xo

    1. ah i know! ah well, the price of the set is lower than the price of one full-size bottle, so it kinda works out :) x

  4. I bought my friend these as a birthday present and they really are so gorgeous x

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  6. I love the pink one, its soo pretty! Thanks for doing a review, was going to buy these! thanks xx

  7. All of those colours are gorgeous! Love nail polishes :)

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  8. Oh my gosh, I love the Pink Cocktail one! I definitely want to check these out!! I love your blog, I followed(:
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