Friday 24 August 2012

a handy-dandy guide to disabling your captcha

If you've ever commented on a blog, you may sometimes see that you have to enter two words, or a word and a number to publish your comment, and if you're commenting on quite a few blogs it may get quite annoying.
If you have a Blogspot blog, when you start your blog it automatically enables the word verification feature, although you might not know it as the blog author doesn't need to enter anything when they comment on their own posts.
If you're worried about spam on your blog, you can always delete comments or or switch it to a setting where a comment will not be displayed without your approval.
I for one am put off commenting knowing I have to go through this process just to leave a few words, so if there are a few of you wondering how to disable Captcha on your (Blogspot) blog, here's a little guide. It's easy, I promise!

Below is a menu that you should be familiar with, it's basically your control panel. Go to the bottom and click on Settings.

A sub-menu should appear. Click on Posts and Comments.
Scroll down until you find Word Verification. If it says Yes, that means your Captcha is enabled. Change it to No.

And there we go! Simples.

 So not your usual beauty-related post today, but hopefully I helped someone :)


  1. quite a good post. :)
    I didn't know this feature is enabled in my blog..

  2. Wow thanks!
    Thats really handy.
    Ill check this soon :)

  3. I already have mine disabled because I know how irritating it is and blogger seemed to have made it a million times harder!
    This little tutorial is great to help people get round it :)

  4. thanks, was wondering how too do this hehe!<3