Monday 23 July 2012

uk magazine freebies - july 2012

I know this post is a little overdue, but hopefully it won't be too late to pick up any of this month's magazines if you spot a certain freebie you've taken a fancy to! 
I've been on a bit of a skincare kick recently, so when I saw that Red has a REN skincare set attached to it that includes their Hand and Body Cream (15ml), Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream (15ml) and the Radiant Eye Gel (3ml), collectively worth £16. Bit of a bargain, considering Red magazine costs £3.90! I'm really looking forward to trying the eye gel, but so far I haven't found any Red magazines at all, they seem to have sold out.
Harper's Bazaar is offering a Neom Organics Hand Cream, there's a choice of Complete Bliss (Moroccan blush rose) or Inspiration (violet, chamomile and cedar wood). The magazine retails for £4.20, and the hand cream has 50ml.
I won't be picking this up as I have acquired a plethora (ooh, I like that word) of hand creams and need to use them all up!
I had to resist picking up Cosmopolitan as it's free gift is a choice of three Missguided nail polishes, Misstify (pink) Missmatch (orange) or Misslead (yellow). The magazine costs £3.50.

Marie Claire (£3.70) drew me in with it's choice of three Avon mascaras, pick from Super Curlacious mascara, Super Shock Max mascara or Super Extend Extreme mascara. So basically it's a choice of a curling, volumising or lengthening mascara., and I went for volumising.
Glamour has a choice of four Balance Me miniatures, I seem to have collected a fair few Balance Me products and have never paid for one, the brand is very good at distributing itself among beauty boxes and magazines.
The freebie I really want is the Wonder Eye Cream (7ml), but I couldn't spot any with the particular one attached, the other options are a 50ml Pure Skin Face Wash, Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve or a 20ml Balancing Face Moisturiser, pretty snazzy for only two quid!

My last freebie I have to share is the 75ml St. Tropez Body Moisturiser that comes with Elle (£3.90). There are two shades, Light/Medium or Medium/Dark. I think this is a fantastic free gift, however I'm not that fussed about tanning as it's just too messy for me for a result that lasts a week at most.
Are you temped by any of this month's offerings?

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  1. i also got the volumizing mascara from avon, what did you think of it? i followed, follow me back?xx