Friday, 13 July 2012

holiday haul

I'm back with a haul! I went to stay in a town called Porto in Portugal, and there were so many good shops that I couldn't resist buying a few things. If you ever find yourself in Porto, the best shopping street I found is called Rua de Santa Catarina. Be warned, this is a long post.
First stop was C&A, and I found this mint green sweatshirt for €12, it's really cosy and great for summer evenings.
Then in a shop called Inside I found a tshirt with a newspaper article design on it, which was too cute to pass up, and a red racer-back vest, I think together they cost around €9.
Another sweatshirt, this time from Lefties with Mickey and Minnie Mouse on it and it was on sale for €6! Sweatshirts come in so handy during Scottish summers as it very rarely gets warm enough to wear just a tshirt. 
My favourite shop that I found has to be Bershka, (check out the website, I love almost all the clothes on there!) and I bought a gorgeous white tee that looks sort of nautical with it's navy stripes and little strip of lace. It was a bit pricey at €13. 
Also from Bershka, I had to get this tshirt when I saw it, it's plain white but at the side it fades into blue and has fringe hanging from the side, I have some studded skinny jeans that would look amazing paired with this. Again, this was rather expensive, it was €16. 
Again from Bershka, my next item of clothing isn't actually clothing, it's a scarf, but I think it's my favourite thing that I bought. When you hold it out you can see that it's an American flag but draped around your neck it's much more subtle and not so in-your-face. The stripes are bright pink instead of red, and are slightly faded. This is quite a statement piece and I'll wear this with a plain white tee and skinny jeans. It was €13.
Speaking of plain white tees, I don't actually have one so I went to a shop called New Yorker (again, check out the website, it's awesome) and picked this one up for €5. 
I went to two clothes shops when I was in London, the first one was H&M because I saw they had a sale on and generally their sales tend to be pretty good. This tshirt was a fiver on sale, and it's plain black apart from the bottom, which is white. It's like colour blocking but monochrome!

Last shop was Forever 21, which is an American shop that has started opening up branches in the UK. I know one is opening up in Buchanan Street in Glasgow next year, but the one I went to is just opposite Bond Street station in London. At first I expected the shop to be rather like Primark, cheap with clothes lying on the floor but if you kept searching you'd find a few gems inside. However, it wasn't like that at all, everything was tidy, the mannequins displayed the clothes beautifully (and had bright pink hair!) and the prices are more like New Look than Primark, apart from the jeans which were super cheap at around about a tenner. Most of the clothes in there I wanted, and it was an all round great shop. 
Anyway, off my little rave and onto the clothes!
A sale was going on and I found a white shirt for £5.99, they only had it in a large but I think the looseness and bagginess works in my favour.
To go with the shirt, I bought a brown waist belt, also in the sale for £2.99. It looks kinda confusing but I think it's just meant to be wrapped around twice, the only thing is that I'm not sure if the thick bit is meant to go on the front or at the back, maybe someone could enlighten me on that?
As I said, the jeans are cheap as chips, the ones I bought are dark wash skinnies with bright yellow/orange threading and were £8.75. 
Top Row: Cream Waterproof Eyeliner in Dark Purple 04, Nail Polishes in 394 (khaki) and 396 (duochrome greeny gold)
Middle Row: Skin Evolution Concealer in 01, Glamorous Eye Pencil in 415 (silver), Lipstick in 26 (coral)
Bottom Row: Blooming Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet Pastels 01
On the makeup side of things, I found a Kiko store and proceeded to spend about an hour and a half deciding what I wanted, there were some things on sale which I immediately took advantage of, but in the end I had to narrow it down and my total came to around €25. Oh, and doesn't the packaging look so similar to MAC?
I had a No7 £5 off voucher lying around (oh how I love those vouchers) and I picked up a blush in Candy Pink. Most of my blushes are in really natural colours, so I thought I'd branch out a bit more and try this, especially since it was only £4.50 with the voucher!
At the end of my holiday I decided to make the most of duty free and bought a MAC Cremesheen Glass from the Heavely Creature collection, it's in the shade Galaxy Rose and since it was VAT free it was £3 less than it normally is, making it £14. 

My jewellery shopping started in duty free at the airport (oops!) but my flight was delayed by an hour so there was nothing else to do except browse the various shops - excuses eh!
Dorothy Perkins had a sale on and I managed to pick up a ring with a heart-shaped peace sign on it and a silver delicate necklace. They were £2 each, but since duty free has no VAT together they were only £3.33.
Something I also got on sale was this awesome multicoloured skull necklace for around €2.50, which I found in this massive shopping mall that had half price designer clothes, but I stopped myself from buying anything since I already had bought too much! 
In a euro store I spotted these treble clef earrings, I was looking for something like these on eBay, and the cheapest on there is around £2-£3 so it was a great deal to get them for only €1!

Forever 21 has some amazing jewellery, but it was quite pricey - most of the things were around £10, but I got this set of bracelets that are oh so sparkly and pretty for £6.50.

I've included links to all the shops where I bought everything, hope they're of use to some of you!


  1. Ooh, bit of a spree! My favourite kinds of posts. I love the striped top with the lace, and that little pastel palette looks so cute! Still haven't tried pastels on my eyes yet, but am thinking of getting the pastel MUA palette and giving it a go. Would love to see some makeup looks with yours :)
    Mel x

    1. hehe, well i have havent treated myself in a while, and when i do the review of the palette i'll put up a look or two x

  2. i am SO jealous that you were able to go on a shopping spree! ahhh screw college budgets :(
    hope all is well :)


    1. if it makes you feel any better, i saved up for this for a long time, i only spend this much money on clothes a few times a year x

  3. So so sooo jealous of the KIKO purchases as I love the brand and have only ever ordered from them online... would love to visit a store. The range is so wide but it's so affordable isn't it.

    Also love the Forever 21 bracelets :)

    Fee x

    1. oh the store was amazing, the nail polish rack was huuuuge! and like you said, so affordable :)