Sunday, 15 July 2012


On my way to Portugal (I know, I really should stop talking about my holiday. This is the last post. Pinkie promise.) I stopped of in London for a few days, and I went a little snap-happy and inbetween all the blurry shots I managed to get a few half-way decent photos, which I thought I'd share with you!
The next photos were taken in Kew Gardens -
At first glance I thought this was a statue of Scooby Doo, but it turned to be a griffin. Needless to say I was disappointed.
I also went to Regent's Park, where apparently I went every day as a baby. Ahh, nostalgia. The next photos were taken there.
I couldn't miss out going on the London Eye, and I went when it was just getting dark and all the lights were being switched on. The view was just so stunning.
Last of all, I went and did some general sight-seeing. Below are some pictures of Buckingham Palace (top left), Westminster Abbey (bottom right), Downing Street (bottom left, a random red phone box and Piccadilly Circus (top right).
I didn't want to share 40-odd large photos as I think the post would get a bit tiring and long and I quite like the look of the collages, do you like them? I used a program called Picasa to make them, if anyone's interested.


  1. Ahh beautiful pictures! LOL @ the scooby doo comment, I thought it was him too at first! hahaha XD

    hope you have a good time on holiday! :D xxx

  2. Love the pictures! my name is natasha too ;)

  3. Wow, these pictures are gorgeous! I thought it looked like Scooby Doo at first, as well, hahah!
    Great post and gorgeous blog,
    xx, Kels