Saturday, 21 July 2012

kiko blooming eyeshadow palette in sweet pastels - review

I've heard quite a lot about Kiko being an affordable makeup brand, but as it's not readily available in the UK (I think there's one shop somewhere in London) when I got the chance to go to a Kiko store I may have bought a few more things than I "needed"....oops!
First up on the reviewing bench is an pastel eyeshadow palette, admittedly I have been looking for one of these for a while and since I think it was 50% off, it would have been positively rude to say no (at least that's what I tell myself).
Oh packaging, how I adore you. Seriously, who ever heard of a makeup brand that has drugstore prices put their products in little pouches? Ok, it's unnecessary and it will probably end up in the bin, but the feeling of luxury it gives is what matters, right?
Aside from the pouch, the box and the palette are gorgeous too, the palette looks like someone's spilled watercolour paint everywhere! The palette is also quite sturdy and thick, it'll definitely survive a bump or two.
The pigmentation is impressive, and far less chalky than I was anticipating. Swatched, the pink and purple look more similar than they do in the pan but on the eye the difference is noticeable.
The purple and pink shades are both matte, are lighter than they appear in the pan and out of all the colours are the most pastel-y (is that a word?).
The black has some silver shimmer in it and is more of a charcoal than a true black. It doesn't show up that well on the eye and to be honest I wish a light shimmery white was in it's place as this is easily my least favourite shade of the group.
Both the blue and green are more vibrant than the other colours and have a satiny texture. The blue has the best colour payoff.
I haven't tried wearing the eyeshadows without a primer, in my eyeshadow look below I used both the Urban Decay Primer Potion and the NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk, to give my eyelid a white base to make the colours appear more vivid. After about 5 hours wear there was minimal creasing so I can imagine it could hold up a full day with ease. The mascara I'm wearing is two coats of 17's Falsifeye, I have NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Yogurt on my waterline and my brows are filled in with A La Carte's Brow Ink in Taupe.
Pink in inner corner and inner third of eyelid, purple all over lid, blue in crease, black in outer v, green on lower lash line. Also very out of focus, sorry!
Pigmentation 6/10
Overall 8/10 (mainly because the colours are so pretty!)

Buy: Kiko Blooming Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet Pastels 01, Currently on sale for 60% off from £12.90 to £4.90


  1. Great swatches (:
    I love the colours && how you wear them

  2. It looks pretty in the palettes, but in the swatches the pigmentation seems a bit rubbish. Shame really 'cause it's so beautiful!

  3. The packaging is so cute and your eyes look so nice. Thanks for the post! X

  4. That palette looks so amazing!!

  5. haven't heard of this brand before but the colors look really pretty in the packaging and swatches too :) thanks for sharing!

  6. I have the same one in Tender Corals, and I like it a lot. I love their colour combinations ! :D