Monday, 25 June 2012

stila it gloss in fetching

Stila is a brand that was not readily available in the UK until Boots started stocking them, however after browsing the Boots and Stila website I couldn't find this particular gloss anywhere, maybe it's been discontinued?
I found mine in a discount store along with loads of opened and used makeup (gross, right?) but if you do go into a shop like that, if you search everything you can find some real gems for very cheap - I think this was one or two pounds!
The gloss is packaged in a see-through tube with a silver-grey lid, there is a brush applicator for precise application - although if you apply the lipgloss quickly it may look streaky, if you take a bit of time it'll work out for you.
This lasted a bit longer than the average lipgloss due to the consistency being rather thicker than normal and ever so slightly sticky.
Fetching is of course an orange based coral, with a bucketload of shimmer that makes it look like it verges on the brink of being frosty which on the lips makes you appear older than you are, but luckily when applied the shimmer is muted down somewhat and becomes more wearable, perfect for summer!
It has a rather sweet scent that might not appeal to some.
Pigmentation 6/10
Overall 7/10

Buy: Stila It Gloss in Fetching, £5.13


  1. Nice review I love the mark that you gave it because I would have given it the same :)

  2. nice review and swatches!
    Love the way you took your pictures (:

  3. I think that it looks similar to a revlon lip butter on your lips! Shame that its discontinued would have liked to try it!

    1. i know, the only place i found online that sold it was the one that ive linked - nowhere else! x