Friday 1 June 2012

may favourites

First off, I don't have that many favourites this month, so much so that I can fit them all into one photo! This is mainly because it's been so sunny as of late, and if I cake on lots of makeup it feels horrible when my skin wants to breathe.
My makeup routine has been putting on concealer under my eyes with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, then use powder (the one in last month's favourites, if you're interested) curling my eyelashes, then maybe applying mascara and a bright lipstick - so I guess you can say that's been a favourite.
Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion in Deep - To be honest, I get bored sitting outside doing nothing while the sun slowly turns my skin a slightly darker shade. Plus, I'm allergic to sun cream, so I burn easily.
As you can see I have to cheat - and I do that with this, I use it instead of my normal body lotion after I get out of the shower and after doing this for a few days I end up with a tan that looks oh so natural.
Even though I'm pretty fair, I got the colour Deep so the results would be quicker, also I heard that the lighter ones are slightly orange.

Sunglasses - Self-explanatory, I hauled them recently and have worn them every day the sun's been out. I've finally found sunglasses that suit me, and they were £3 from Primark! Love.

Mac Mineralize Concealer - This was in the same haul as the sunglasses, and I promised a review of it there that I still haven't done, I'll get onto it soon, I promise!
But basically it's nice and natural and covers up my dark circles with a few layers, and even with one layer it brightens up my undereye area and make me look awake even when I feel like a zombie.

Vaseline Rosy Lips - I discovered this when my dad accidentally picked up the tinted Vaseline for me instead of the clear, but I'm glad he did because although it stains my pillow when I put it on my lips before bed it gives my lips a healthy tint and makes then really soft once it's worn off.
I reach for this when I can't be bothered or my lips feel too dry to apply lipstick, it's like a lipgloss but better. Apart from how you need to scoop your finger in the tub to get the product.
Eyelash Curler - Ok, this is boring. But I've been using this every day this month, and I never use eyelash curlers, so I figured it deserved a spot.
Mine's a cheapie from Superdrug and it does the job, whether I apply or don't apply mascara I use this anyway.

See, told you it was short. Music-wise, I'm loving Scissor Sisters Only The Horses, Chasing The Sun by The Wanted and Princess of China by Coldplay & Rihanna. Ooooh, mainstream.


  1. i've been seeing reviews for the garnier body lotion EVERYWHERE, but i can't find it in stores! so frustrating. maybe they don't have it here in the united states? if so, that'd be a total bummer!!


  2. We both had the Vaseline Rosy Lips in our May favourites - snap! And strangely I actually picked that Garnier stuff up yesterday too!

    Alexandra I brought my Garnier lotion from Asda, which is owned by Walmart so maybe worth checking there?

  3. Know what you mean, I hate having heavy foundation on in the heat! Have to make do with tinted moisturiser, though having said that there are a couple I'm really enjoying at the mo.
    Mel x

    1. i need to sample the liz earle sheer skin tint - if i like it that may be my go-to tinted moisturiser!