Saturday 16 June 2012

nyx mood lipgloss

Do you remember mood rings from when you were little? They adjusted to the temperature of your finger, which in turn could apparently tell your mood, the concept of this is a tad different - it works with your skin's pH level to give you the perfect colour.
In this sense the lip swatches are useless because it'll be a different colour on each person, so keep that in mind!
"Magic lip gloss starts off clear then turns into the most perfect shade of reddish-pink on your lips. It's a tube of heavenly shiny bliss and your lips couldn't be any more natural & sexier!"
The lipgloss comes in a squeezy tube that has a lovely gradient design on it, going from clear to pink - probably imitating the lipgloss's colour change and houses a whopping 9g of product.
For me, this is the perfect stickiness level. It's not completely non-sticky but isn't exactly superglue either, although it feels nicer to have a non-sticky lipgloss (and your hair doesn't get caught in it), having a slightly sticky lipgloss helps it stay on the lips longer.
The photo above shows the lipgloss after ten seconds on my skin on the left, and you can see it's already starting to react and turn into a pinky colour. On the right it's been freshly applied, and as you can see it comes out clear.
The tube mentions that this product is hypo-allergenic and cruelty free, so big thumbs up on that one.
Another thing I want to mention is that it's so shiny, if you're looking for a wet-look natural coloured lipgloss then I think this would be your best bet.
NYX Mood Lipgloss

Buy: NYX Mood Lipgloss MLG01, around £7 inc. postage internationally.
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  1. congrats on your 100th post, my dear! i'm almost there, ha ha! 7 more to go!
    this actually looks really nifty! i love products that "adjust" to your skin.
    i think it'd be really neat if there was a blush that adjusted to your skin's natural flush or your ideal color. i bet there's one out there, i'm just too lazy to look!


    1. thanks, i've heard of a few blushes like that, but theyre only sold in america, i think the brands were physician's formula, almay and tarte - but i might be wrong!

  2. I really want to try this stuff! Kind of reminds me of the smashbox gloss... I cant remember the name. But this is a really nice blog. I followed ya! :)

  3. Wow I love your blog! Follow please?
    Hannah xoxo

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    Mahe and Raahema