Sunday 3 June 2012

sleek pout paints

I've wanted a blue lipstick for a long time, I don't exactly know why because it's not like blue is an everyday colour, but something in me wants to own one. My first thought was the OCC Lip Tars, they're so pigmented that if I were to buy one I'd be sure that it would be full-on blue, and not just a tint. However, OCC is so hard to find in the UK, and when Sleek released their Pout Paints and I saw swatches, I knew that someday I would buy the blue colour. When I saw the two of these in a blog sale for £5 for both I snatched them up knowing I won't get a better deal than this.
Don't worry about how runny Peachy Keen looks, it's just because it was at the very start of the tube.
Firstly, the packaging. These come in normal lipgloss sized tubes with 8ml, but considering that you need the tiniest amount to cover the whole lips, they will last forever. What I really love about the tubes is that the applicator isn't the same as it is with ordinary lipglosses, and unlike the old OCC Lip Tar packaging, it doesn't suggest that these can be applied straight from the tube - you really need a lip brush for these! The shade of the Pout Paint is displayed on the outside of the tube, along with Sleek's black packaging.
There are eleven shades to choose from, and the majority of them are pinks and reds, although there is the odd orange, nude and purple in there too. Also included is the blue and a white. At first I puzzled over who would wear white, but then I found out that the shades are meant for mixing, so you could mix the white with the red to make a pink, and with that idea you can make an endless amount of colours. I haven't tested the wear (I didn't exactly want to wear blue lipstick while doing the shopping) but the tube describes the product as a "highly pigmented lip stain" so I'm guessing it'll last a while on your lips. I found the formula to be a bit drying, but if you allow a lip balm to sink in before applying this you shouldn't have that problem.

Peek-a-bloo is a medium blue that in reality looks a lot darker than swatches I've seen on other people's blogs, the photo above is pretty accurate in terms of colour. I have to say, I thought that this would highlight every single flake and flaw on my lips, but I'm pleased to say it didn't. I didn't need to build the colour up at all, and the swatch I did on my hand was more than enough to coat the whole of my lips. With a colour as dark and as bold as this, it's incredibly hard to get an even edge that's right on your lip line, and if it's too big or too small it won't look right - keep that in mind if you find yourself applying this.
 Peachy Keen
 I actually found Peachy Keen harder to apply than Peek-a-bloo, also I had to layer on the colour - I had to squeeze a bit more out of the tube because the swatch on my hand wasn't enough. I can never see myself wearing this alone, maybe if I bought a pink from the Pout Paint range and mixed it with this it would create an amazing colour. That said, this might work for some people.

Pigmentation - 10/10
Overall - 9/10

Buy: Sleek Pout Paints, £4.99, also available in Superdrug.

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  1. Wow, so pretty! I think the blue would look amazing for a Halloween look or a fun makeup day, it looks great!

    1. aha thanks! and i was thinking the same thing, the blue would be perfect for halloween :) x