Saturday 30 June 2012

shopping for summer

I'm jetting off to Portugal in a few days, and I'll be away for about ten days but I'm scheduling some posts so fingers crossed they'll be published while I'm gone.
I was in desperate need of some holiday clothes, so I popped off to the shops in search for some. These are my findings.
The sandals are from Primark and although the price tag says they were £6 they scanned through as £3 which is ridiculously cheap, I recommend trying on shoes when you're in Primark, as I find I always have to go a size up from what I usually am.
The top was a great find, it's from H&M and it was on sale for £4, another bargain as it's really flattering, but I'm so glad I decided to get an extra small instead of a small because it's really quite large, and I've a feeling that the small would be a bit too low on the neckline. This is definitely going in my suitcase, can't wait to wear this with white shorts!
I feel really bad shopping in the sale section of Primark, it almost feels like I'm robbing them, the prices are so low. Nevertheless, I spotted this and although it doesn't look the most flattering on the hanger, it's quite sheer on your body so it doesn't make you appear bulky and it's cropped, this and high-waisted shorts or jeans are a match made in heaven - plus you can't realy go wrong for two quid.
I didn't have a bikini, so I got a bikini. Pretty self-explanatory, really. Also from Primark, the top was a fiver and the bottoms were £3. It annoys me that Primark do their bikini top sizes in size 8, 10, 12 and so on instead of bra sizes but it fits surprisingly well, and the design is so cute, I adore the little mint green bow and the bright pink stripes.
I like getting a size bigger for my bottoms than I do for my top, and the matching bottoms were all sold out in that particular size. I had to scout around the shop until I found some plain pink ones with little tassels that luckily are exactly the same shade of pink as the stripes on the top so they go together pretty well.
My holiday read is going to be the Death Cure by James Dashner, this is the third book in the triology and I read the first two a few months back but never got round to purchasing the last one, maybe it's because I was let down by the second book as the first book was so much better than it (in my opinion). I'd definitely recommend the series if you liked the Hunger Games, Divergent and other dystopian books along those lines.
I've gone through countless bottles of this Tea Tree Toner from Lush, I think I hauled my last bottle a few months ago but obviously that has since ran out, and I decided to go for the small bottle so it could come with me on my travels since I'm only taking hand luggage.
No idea why I decided to include Strepsils, but it's what I bought, so it's going in the post!
I know I'm probably the last person in the beauty world to buy one of these, but yes I did get a Revlon Lip Butter in the shade Lollipop, mainly because it was on offer for £2 off in Superdrug, and still is on the website here. I'm not going to review this as you're probably bored to death with blogger after blogger telling you how wonderful they are. Not sure if this'll make it into my suitcase as I'm scared it'll melt in the heat.

There's not going to be a favourites post this month seeing as I haven't really branched out of my daily routine, sorry!
Are you going on anywhere in the summer?


  1. Great shopping trip. I love everything you bought! xx

  2. I love that shirt from H&M!! So cute.
    Next month I'll be going on a cruise to Alaska and Canada with my family. I'm so excited

  3. oh mann those lip butters are amazing but mine goes liquidy n the heat (and its winter in australia and it still manages to battle haha) but I hope you have a lovely holiday!

    :) cant wait to see some photos and let us know how the book goes, Ive heard such good things about it!

    1. haha luckily that didnt happen to mine, and i think i might do a book review of it!

  4. Heyy Im loving your blog, do you want to follow each other?

  5. Good shopping trip :) I really like the H&M top and love good old cheap Primark ha ha

    Tanesha x

  6. The kitten T-shirt is so cute! :)
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog!

    Natasha Carly x

  7. That palm print top will look great with your white shorts!
    Ha, love that you included Strepsils, how random. I really like that Primark let you mix top and bottom sizes in the bikinis, not many places do, and I'm a size bigger on the bottom than on the top, too.
    Mel x

    1. randomness! and yeah, its annoying when they come in sets x

  8. LOVE the bathing suit!! :)

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  9. I nominated you for the Liebster award! :)
    Check out my blog to view it :)

    E-L xo