Friday, 1 February 2013

book review - the knife of never letting go

It's been a while since my last book review, honestly I just haven't been reading any particularly gripping books lately or had much time to much reading at all. But through Amazon's suggestions I found this gem of a book and thought I'd share it.
The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness is the first part of the Chaos Walking trilogy and as with most books I read, it's a dystopian novel. The main character is Todd, who lives in a village populated only by men, surrounded by Noise - eachother's thoughts. The village has a dark past, and when Todd finds out that he's been fed lies through the other villager's thoughts he runs away and meets the first girl he's ever seen. Together they flee from the population of the village, who chase after them and - ...well, I don't want to ruin the plot too much so I'll stop my (rather crap) synopsis there. I'm really not doing the book justice, just multiply whatever I've made you think of the book by a million and you've got how good it is.
I would say that I enjoyed this as much, if not more than the Hunger Games and am now desperate to read the other two books in the trilogy (the second book is on it's way to me right now). Apparently there's to be a film soon too, I hope that it lives up to the books!
You can buy the book on Amazon here or on the Waterstones website here (they have free UK delivery).


  1. I've heard this is amazing, I shall definitely be picking it up! x

    1. it's well worth it, it's classed as a children's book but it's not one at all - more young adult :) x

  2. The book sounds awesome!

  3. A lot of people rave about this book on goodreads xx

  4. I love a good book review, and I like that you keep your posts so varied; makes for good reading! This sounds like an interesting read, and I'll definitely keep it on my radar. I've never been one for dystopian novels, but there's always a first time for everything! xx