Wednesday 30 January 2013

january favourites

Now that we're well and truly into 2013 (and I'm still dating everything as March 2011) I think it's time to share my favourite beauty bits and bobs from the past month, there really aren't that many as I seem to be stuck in a rut and am using the same things every day instead of switching it up and using some unloved products in my stash - a habit I need to change!
MAC Brick-O-La Lipstick - I'm not going to talk too much about this lipstick since I have a full review with swatches here, but I just had to include it in my favourites since it's the only lipstick that I've reached for all month.

Bepanthen - Yes, this is nappy care ointment. But bare with me, I read on a few people's blogs that this is a great lip moisturiser so what with my lips being in dire condition I was eager to see if it would work wonders on me too. Luckily, I spotted that the Bepanthen website were giving away free 3.5g samples (they still are, click on the 'claim your free sample' button on this page) so I managed to get my hands on one that is conveniently about the same size as a lip balm tube.
Although the ointment leaves a white cast on my lips, it really works! I'd say it was on par with Carmex, except that Bepanthen is more long-lasting and my lips still feel soft when I wake up if I apply it before I go to sleep.
e.l.f High Definition Powder in Translucent - After countless months of using a Maybelline powder foundation (I still haven't used it up, I think it's endless) I got really fed up of it and wanted to try something different, so I turned to another powder that I had lurking at the back of one of my drawers. 
The powder diffuses my pores and makes my skin look smoother and softer, plus e.l.f is great value and I'm guessing there's enough product in the pot to last a lifetime! The one gripe I have with this is the packaging, the screw top really wasn't a good idea as although there is a sifter, the powder is so finely milled that every time I open it I'm greeted with a cloud of powder.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair - This was the one thing that I asked for last christmas, having tried out a few samples before I knew that my skin would rejoice at having the full size. And rejoice it did, over the past month my skin tone has evened out a lot and any redness has been reduced so much. I admit that it may be a little bit overpriced so I'm going to have to make this 50ml bottle last me at least  another year for me to justify a repurchase.

My soundtrack for this month has been Kasabian Velociraptor!, courtesy of a friend who gifted me it for christmas (thank you!) as well as The Kills Midnight Boom which is almost as good, but not quite. It's still oh-my-god-my-ears-are-in-heaven amazing though.


  1. Nice post the lipstick sounds nice!:)

  2. I loved your review you did on Brick-o-la! I've seen the ELF Hd powder floating around multiple blogs for a while now but the section at my target that sells ELF doesn't carry this! :( Such a bummer because I've tried getting my hands on it for a while now. The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair sounds like a dream! I'm currently using a product that has done the same thing for my skin as well and it's amazing! Yay for even skin tone!

  3. Amazing post! I have the elf powder too!

  4. Quite a few people rave about Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair, its not something I have ever tried, the price puts me off a bit, but if it works then maybe it is justifiable xx

  5. I Love Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, check out the review on my blog

  6. Yay. I'm not the only one who uses Bepanthem!! It's great stuff I use it as a lip stick primer as well as moisturiser.

    Beki x