Wednesday, 13 February 2013

covergirl lashblast 24hr mascara

It's been a while since I've bought a new mascara, so when Katie included this in our swap I saw it as the perfect opportunity to try out something new. I've been using the Covergirl LashBlast 24hr mascara for about a week now and thought it was about time I reviewed it. Yeah, I do reviews now.
This particular formula is the newest in the LashBlast range, but since I haven't used the original or indeed anything else from the range I can't say how they compare.
The wand itself is huge, but presents no problem in covering all my lashes, even the teeny weeny bottom ones. But perhaps you should avoid this if you're scared of stabbing your eyeball out with a mascara wand.
As for the 24 hour effect, they weren't kidding. It stays put with no flaking, smudging or anything of the sort, however the downside of this is that it's an pain to remove and even my Bioderma struggled but I found that an oil-based cleanser (I used the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil) made removal slightly easier.
With just one coat my lashes looked amazing - in terms of volume it packs a punch as well as doing pretty well at holding a curl. It delivers the same effect as false eyelashes in the sense that when you take it off, you'll be wondering where your lashes went. The one fault I can find is that it's not very buildable, with upwards of two coats clumps will start showing up, but on the whole I would highly recommend this if you're in the market for a volumising mascara and I honestly think that I've found my holy grail!
Covergirl isn't available in the UK, but Max Factor pretty much has the identical mascara as both brands are owned by the same company. The problem is that the Max Factor mascara is very overpriced, so if you're desperate to own it your best bet would probably be eBay's international listings.

Oh and yeah, it snowed today.


  1. Your lashes look really nice :) xx

  2. I love how you took the pictures of the mascara in the snow! Such a cute idea! Looks amazing on you and wow-eee do you have gorgeous eyes! Excited to see how some other things work for you! :)

  3. You have really lovely long lashes, im jealous xx

  4. Such a great mascara!

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  5. that mascara looks amazing! you have beautiful eyelashes :) and your eyes are such a bright blue! :) really pretty xx
    new follower ! would love if you popped by x

  6. Really like the sound of this mascara, I need something that stays put