Friday, 8 February 2013

lovely blogs #4

After remembering to join in with the last few weeks #bbloggers chats on Twitter (if you follow me on Twitter I do apologise as it's about the only thing I talk about) I've discovered one or two new gems in the blogging world, and thought I'd feature them in this post!
Beauty Becky | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog
I am so incredibly envious of Becky's blog design - and of her blog in general, really. He reviews are fantastic and even though she's just started her YouTube channel she already seems to be a pro at it!
In the Frow
It's worth following Victoria just for some photos of her hair. Just look at her hair. I'm having a serious case of hair envy. Her blog is amazing too, I love her style and she currently has a giveaway on too!

Have you discovered any great blogs recently?

*Images are not my own. Images are the headers from the bloggers that I mentioned.

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