Thursday, 18 July 2013

notd | neon pop

L'Oreal Banana Pop*, Flashing Lilac*, Wasabi Hint* and Acid Watermelon*
Bubblegum Balloons Neon Pop balloon* woah so many asterixis

First let us address the obvious question - what the hell is a photo of a balloon doing in a post about nail polish? Well, when I received the L'Oreal Neon Pop collection in the mail it came in a rather larger box than I was anticipating, and upon opening it a large confetti-filled helium balloon floated up out of it. This was happening at eight o'clock in the morning, and my bleary-eyed, half awake self was bewildered to say the least when confronted by a gravity-defying sphere. After a few more hours of sleep and finding four nail polishes sellotaped to the lid of the box I'd figured out that there wasn't some sort of celebration that I'd completely 
forgotten about - and then the nail polish fiend in me kicked in and I got swatching.
 ...then completely forgot to take photos or write up a post for... oooh I dunno, a month?! Ermahgerd so pro at blogging.

Banana Pop has to be the most opaque yellow nail polish I've ever encountered. I applied three coats to get the colour which is almost unheard of in yellow nail polish terms. To make it even more opaque I'd recommend applying a white base coat before painting on the yellow.
Flashing Lilac is nothing like the name suggests, instead of a lilac it's an orchid purple that looks almost magenta and is opaque in three coats. As you can see from the photos, it has a more matte finish than the others, but if matte isn't your thing that can be easily remedied with a glossy top coat.
Wasabi Hint is a lovely spring green that's opaque in two coats, which my camera doesn't seem to pick up on as the photos don't seem to capture just how bright it is and display it as more of a pastel colour. Under artificial light it looks darker and even brighter.
My favourite from the collection has to be Acid Watermelon, it's a bright - almost neon - barbie pink that will be on my toes all summer (no, literally all summer. I hardly ever paint my toes, once a nail polish is on them, it's there to stay). As luck would have it, this is the least opaque of the four, needing three to four coats to be streak free.
I didn't use top coat on any of the shades as I quite liked the look of the semi-glossy finish, however this does compromise the staying power and after two days all the nail polishes had chipped. With top coat I'd imagine they'd stay chip-free for at least one more day.

I think my next nail post will have to be some kind of nail art using these four polishes, they would look so gorgeous together!
*PR Sample.


  1. These look really nice, some lovely summer colours. I think my favourite is Flashing Lilac :)

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  2. Love the green! I'm forever looking for the perfect green polish. Will have to give this a try!

  3. I really love that green! I love those L'Oreal polishes but it annoys me that they're only like 5ml, it actually makes them really expensive but they look so nice!


  4. im sure that was quite a surprise in your post haha! great idea by loreal, definetly got bloggers talking haha!! onto the colors, lovelyy :)

  5. Wasabi Hint is beautiful. I've been trying to get out of my comfort zone and wear brighter colours this summer. These would be perfect.

    Water Painted Dreams

  6. These are super super cute!
    Not too neon but still perfect for summer
    Estelle x

  7. These are really beautiful colours and perfect for the summer!!! :)
    Tasmin x

  8. Ooooh I love the banana and watermelon ones! Such pretty spring colours.

  9. The bottles and colours are gorgeous, shame about them chipping so easily though! x


  10. I love the packaging, so nice and minimalistic. The yellow is my favourite but annoying that you had to apply so many coats.

    Also, a cool balloon too!

    Ashleigh - Magazines & Models

  11. i love those shades!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // bloglovin

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  12. OOh i love these colour i will be sure to check them out :)

    great post !

    Thanks for leaving me your URL
    love your blog !
    Followed :D xx

    Alex ox.

  13. Wow these colours are beautiful! I love the banana colour!
    Great blog hun, I'm now following!

    F xx

  14. Ohh these are such fun nail polishes! Adore pink so Watermelon is one of my faves :D

    Thanks for sending you link over at #bbloggers chat, just stopped by to take a peek and followed!

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog