Wednesday 31 July 2013

july favourites

Let me introduce you to my new favourite mascara. I wasn't expecting great things when I first tried the Essence Multi Action Mascara out, but it was great things I got. With two coats this does things to my lashes that I didn't know could be done - not only does it lengthen and curl them, but the volume it gives is astonishing. It's like I've put on a pair of falsies. I'll have a full review of this with comparison photos to my old favourite, the Covergirl Lashblast 24HR mascara within the next month.
And no, it's not available in the UK. Sorry.
The Dainty Doll Eyeliner Pencil in Goody Two Shoes has been my go-to eyebrow pencil for a good while now, but recently I've been employing it for its intended purpose (who would've thought it?) and lining my eyes with the pencil. I apply it right inbetween my eyelashes so it gives the effect of full lashes, but isn't at all visible and still looks natural.
I've been stepping away from my everyday blush, theBalm's FratBoy and trying something new, in the shape of this Blink + Go Brights palette. I don't use the eyeshadows (if you're wondering what happened to the purple shade, it smashed on account of encountering a sink at a rather high speed) but have been using the blushers daily, and they're surprisingly good. There's a light dolly pink and a darker coral colour, both of which are highly pigmented. Love 'em.
Foundation has taken a back seat now that we're in summer, and for days when concealer just isn't enough the Dr Jart+ Water Fuse BB Cream comes in handy. It's got a fair amount of coverage and SPF 25 as well as only being one or two shades darker than my skin tone so it blends in seamlessly. Also, it actually looks better when applied with fingers rather than a brush so there's no faffing around when all I want to do is pop on a pair of sunglasses, a lipstick and go outside. 
Which lipstick is that, I don't hear you ask? None other than MAC's Insanely It, a beautiful hot pink. It has been getting so much use solely because it's practically the only one in my collection that's hydrating enough to not have to sandwich inbetween layers of lip balm. There's a lip swatch in this post, cause y'know I'm far too lazy to take another one.
Last of all is the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream. I've made efforts use this daily before, but when I don't get instant results I just let things fall by the wayside and forget about them. What I really look for in an eye cream is for it to make my dark circles vanish, which is never going to happen but I've found another use for this eye cream. If I apply this in the morning after moisturiser and let it sink in, my under-eye concealer blends so perfectly you'd think that I haven't even applied concealer. Before, any concealer that I would blend in under my eyes would cling to non-existent dry patches, not blend into my foundation and overall look a bit crappy. I thought that it was the concealer I was using, but this eye cream has solved everything. Wooo.

What have been your favourites for July?


  1. I think the Dr Jart cream looks better applied with fingers than a brush too xx


  2. I really want Insanely It! I swatch it every time I go instore x

  3. I really would like to try the Dr Jart BB cream however I'm worried it will be too dark for my skintone as all the swatches I've seen look really dark!
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

    1. don't let it put you off - i'm the palest shade in most foundations and it blends in like a dream. i guess it doesn't help that i've swatched it on my inner arm which is about as pale as a sheet of paper xo

  4. I really want to try the essence mascara, too bad it's not available in the uk! anyway great post! xx

  5. That bb cream looks like it gives great coverage!

  6. I've heard good things about the Dr Jart+ BB cream but I'm always reluctant to try out BB creams because they don't usually work well for me as I need a reasonable amount of coverage. I may actually have to give this one a try though, especially if the weather we've been having is going to carry on x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty