Tuesday, 16 October 2012

ebay purchases #4

I don't have as many things to show you as I usually do in these posts, but I couldn't hold off doing this post any longer as the pieces of jewellery (let's face it, that's all I show in my eBay hauls) I've recently bought are more interesting than your average sparkly trinkets. Instead of holding you in suspense, let's hop straight in, shall we?
These have to be the most complicated pair of earrings that I own, to put them in you have to add the part that says "love" onto the back of the stud, and make sure the stud goes through the right hole so that the letters fit around the bottom of your ear. It was quite tricky the first time, but I soon got used to it, in reality they're just a pair of studs with an extra part. I guess you could also wear them just as love heart studs and miss out the bit with the lettering, but where's the fun in that?
You can find them here.
A stud bracelet has been on my wishlist for ages, but I've never found one that I was particularly fond of until I saw this. The spikes are plastic (so no need to worry about accidentally stabbing someone) and I really like the combination of green and gold, I find it compliments a lot of outfits. I also love how there are two rows of spikes, I've seen a lot of this kind of bracelet but it has three rows, which seems too many for me, or one row, which I feel would be a bit sparse and would need to be paired with other pieces of arm candy - so two is just right for me!
Unfortunately I couldn't find the listing or any others selling the same bracelet, but I found one in gold and silver here, a gold one here and here's a bunch of other spike bracelets that I'm also coveting.
I am a massive fan of peacock feather-themed clothes and accessories, I adore the colour scheme and think that peacocks in general are just beautiful creatures. So you understand that when I saw the listing for this, I was compelled to buy it. The necklace arrived with a few of the strands of the feather bent awkwardly, which I was initially disappointed with but a quick session with some hair straighteners soon sorted it out. The chain is fairly long, and I paired the necklace with a forest green t-shirt the other day and it really stood out.
On eBay here.
I saved the best for last with this spiked earring that also has an ear cuff attached to it. It really is a statement piece, I wore it with my hair up and I got so many compliments on it, people were asking if I had a helix piercing! To attach the cuff you just slide it up from the middle of your ear, it does fall off if you're moving around a lot but if you aren't doing much it'll stay put - depending on how thick that bit of your ear it. As this is meant to be worn on one ear, I wore a circular gold stud on the other.
You can find it here, one without the dangly bit here, and one with a skull here. Oooh so many options.

Are you a keen eBayer?


  1. Cute peices!:)


  2. Oh how these pieces made me swoon! I am in love with the spiky bracelet trend myself and have found a really REALLY cheap seller on ebay here: http://bit.ly/RCwTjr and the bracelets are good quality. I bought all three colors! xx


  3. I have the peacock necklace and had the exact same problem with the feathers, I think I might straighten mine too. xxx


  4. Omg I love you little cute items! I invite you to check out my shop ;) www.etsy.com/shop/petitepeople

  5. Those LOVE earrings are super cute and a really neat design!


  6. it's true that at times we can find amazing gems at eBay xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?

  7. Wow, the love earrings are so cute :) I love the peacock necklace too! xx


  8. I get completely addicted to Ebay! I have to limit myself otherwise I buy everything lol. Love your earrings, very cute :D